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Modern Cat Furniture

Build a Perfect Cat Playground

Transform your home into a cat's paradise! Choose from a variety of cat wall furniture like our Cat Shelves,  Bridges, and Scratching Posts that can be connected modularly to perfectly fit your space. Take your cat's space to new heights and save on valuable floor space.


Cat Trees & Condos  

Browse through our collection of cat tree layouts, available in a variety of sizes to perfectly complement your space. We meticulously consider the number of routes and various features to attract your cat to explore upwards.

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Cat Trees and Cat Condos

Cat Bridges  

These are a great option for connecting spaces like windows or doorways. Beware of the occasional 'paw to the head bop', if you choose the doorway.

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Cat Bridges Cat Furniture

Cat Shelves  

Elevate your cat's space with our versatile Cat Shelves. With a modular design, these shelves can be transformed into Cat Feeders, Planters, or Plush Cat Beds, allowing you to create a customized play and rest area for your feline friend.

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Cat Shelves Cat Furniture

Cat Cubbies  

Cubbies provide an ideal retreat for cats seeking a private space, especially for those who are shy or skittish. It's a secluded spot where cats can observe household activities while feeling secure and hidden.

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Cat Cubbies Cat Furniture Collection

Scratching Poles  

Save your furniture by giving your cat a positive outlet for scratching and keeping their claws healthy.

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Cat Scratching Posts Sisal Cat Furniture

Cat Hammocks    

Our Hammocks are designed more like fabric walkways. The heavyweight canvas fabric is pulled taut to create a sturdy surface that your cat can feel secure walking on, or use for a nap.

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Cat Hammocks Cat Furniture

Enrich Your Cat's Life

A common issue with house cats is they often have a lack of exercise and stimulation. This can lead to a number of behavioral issues along with becoming more sedate and overweight. This is the same reason that zoos and sanctuaries have a mandatory standard to provide a certain amount of enrichment in each enclosure. We work with several behavioralists to develop ideas for functionality that provide this essential enrichment.

Modular Cat Playground

Create a stylish and functional space for your feline friend with our modern cat furniture. Designed to fit seamlessly into your home's décor, our cat wall furniture and shelves come in a variety of stain colors and fabric options. All of the furniture options are fully removable, washable and replaceable. Upgrade your cat’s environment today by gifting them a cat jungle gym of their own.

Durable Cat Furniture

Our modern cat furniture is made from solid, sustainable bamboo and held securely to the wall with an inset steel bracket. Once installed, our patented design leaves the bracket hidden away, while allowing the wall furniture to hold 85lbs (38kg) per mounting point.

Innovative Cat Furniture

Over the past decade, we have continuously improved our line of cat furniture, now in its 4th generation. The latest designs incorporate sustainable bamboo and feature modular construction, allowing you to expand and customize your cat jungle gym over time. Not only that, but the furniture is highly functional, with fully removable and washable parts. This means you can give your furry friend a comfortable and clean space to relax and play, while also making a sustainable choice for the environment.

Helpful Resources

Our wall-mounted cat furniture is specifically designed for easy installation by the average person. We have compiled comprehensive resources to assist you in planning your cat wall, locating your wall studs, and constructing the ultimate cat wall for your furry friend.

Cat Wall Design Tips

Are you interested in installing a custom design? Here are some really helpful things to keep in mind.

cat wall with a cat on a bridge

Installation Guides

Here are some tips, videos, and instructions to help make installing your cat wall shelves a breeze.

mounting plank with mounting screws inserted

Meet the Experts

We work with some really knowledgeable cat behaviorists. They've helped us gain an understanding of cat behavior and also about the importance of providing cats with environmental enrichment. The furniture needs to resonate with your cat or else we're out of business, so to say the behaviorists are a big part of the company is an understatement.

Latest From the Blog

We cover a range of topics. Things like: enrichment, training, DIY projects, behavioral advice, and health.

Our Story

Catastrophic Creations started in a 3rd story apartment and with no investment (or business plan). It might not be the exact recipe to follow, but it’s been a blast so we documented the journey anyways.

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Customer Reviews

Over 5,000 reviews across all platforms with 4.95/5 star average

customer cat condo with cat


I’ve been recommending catastrophic creations for my indoor kitty patients since I first discovered them. However, I only recently purchased my own for my feline home. I could not be more pleased with the engineering, quality, and product installation. Cats need their vertical space for well-being, activity and weight loss, natural instincts and mental stimulation. More instinctual opportunities prevent unwanted anxious behaviors like inappropriate urinations and scratching.

Daniel B.

brown cat on cat hammock in a customer's home

Repeat customers- always happy

We’ve purchased several items from Catastrophic Creations over the years and we’ve always been pleased. From the options to the communication, quick shipping and excellent quality of materials, we have only good things to say. The freedom to create some custom additions to our cat wall was exactly what we needed and found easily at Catastrophic Creations. Thank you for always ensuring our satisfaction. We will most certainly be purchasing from you again!

Kaitlin B.

tuxedo cat on a cat condo

Practical Addition and So Cute

I operate a non-profit animal rescue! We added the Juggernaut to our feline adoption room! Not only is it adorable, the cats love it and it helps save a lot of floor space!

Heather H.

Suitable for big kitties!

I have two Ragdolls (15 an 20lbs) and they use this jungle gym as a speed circuit. I was able to set it up alone and the directions were easy enough to follow! Each piece feels rock solid on the wall. I can't wait to get more around the house.

Jessica R.

The Best!

I would recommend Catastrophic Creations again and again. The Customer Service department is the best I have ever had a pleasure of reaching out to.

Edward R.

Super cute and great quality!

Everything was packaged SO nicely, the instructions were easy to follow, they provide installation parts to make everything go smoothly (even a small level!! so cute!), and the furniture is so beautiful and such great quality. The team is great and customer service was very friendly and helpful when we ran into an issue with our studs; they provided multiple options with pictures to make sure we could install our furniture, and we did! I couldn't be happier with my purchase, and I don't know who likes it or my cats. Definitely recommend purchasing from Catastrophic Creations!!

Morgan A.

black cat on a cat condo in a green room

Love the Juggernaut!

CC was super easy to work with. We installed the system behind/ above our couch and we love to interact as our fur baby chills out or scrambles up the side. We made a slight modification since we didn’t have the entire height of our wall to work with. It was very easy to redesign to our specifications.

Amy P.

We love this and so do the cats!

Well made, beautiful, and sturdy. Can't recommend highly enough. So fun to see the cats on it!

Zoe G.

two cats on a cat condo

Overall great experience

The item shipped and arrived very quickly. The directions are very clear and the items in the package are wrapped and marked to help with the process as well. I appreciate that the proper drill bit pieces are included, and with a stud finder this project ended up being not overly complicated even for a less handy person. Very study when properly installed and a lovely and fun addition to our home.

Karly R.

cat hiding in a cat condo

An absolute hit!

My 2 cats are absolutely loving this cat tree! I also love the modern look. It's something I'm super proud to show off in my living room. The versatility of the system is a great selling point. There are limitless options to what you can do with the configurations. We installed ours mirrored from the instructions to accommodate a shorter wall in our space. Installation was quite laborious but pretty simple once we got the hang of drilling holes into studs. The cat bridge is sooo cute! I'll be looking here first if I ever want any more cat furniture. :) Very, very happy!

Belle P.

Our Clients

Get new ideas by browsing our featured clients! See all of our featured customers.

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mau cafe storefront

MAU Kattencafé

Featured furniture: Cat Bridge (Wall-Mounted) and other

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cat scratching on a scratching pole


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cats on cat condo

Cali & Earl

Featured furniture: The Play – A Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

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cat standing on top of a scratching pole


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cat standing on hammock scratching a scratching pole

Le Loft Des Chats

Featured furniture: Cat Climbing Shelf and other

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skinny white cat in pink bow sitting on cat shelf


Featured furniture: Mini Garden Cat Condo

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  • two tone cat on cat bridge
  • two tone cat on cat shelf part of a large cat wall
  • modern interior decor with cat bridges


Venus the two-faced cat has incredibly rare and mysterious markings. She’s been featured in National Geographic and to read more about her markings, we’ve included a link below.

Venus and her family used to live pretty close to us and we had the opportunity to do an installation at her house. Her family is amazing; they’ve provided a home for several adopted pets with extra needs.


  • cafe interior
  • cat condo with modern green home accents
  • cat cafe with cat furniture
  • cat on cat bridge

MAU Kattencafé

This cafe is absolutely beautiful! Checkout MAU Kattencafé in Belgium. They not only created one of the most beautiful Cat Cafes we’ve ever seen, they also built the framed cat shelves in the center of the room. I really like how they worked in those branches.; it’s a perfect design.


  • cat on intricate cat wall
  • intricate cat wall layout


This layout blew us away! Shelly’s adorable cat Sprocket looks like a ninja on this sisal pole. Thanks Shelly!


cats on cat condo

Cali & Earl

Here is a really nice photo of Caroline’s two cats Cali and Earl on their Deluxe Playplace. We love this shot; thanks, Caroline!


  • kitten sitting on a hammock
  • fluffy kitty sleeping in a cat hammock with big ol paws
  • gray cat puling himself up onto a scratching pole
  • two cats sleeping near each other on their own hammocks


Beautiful, dark gray walls: check. Great lighting and photo quality: check. Ridiculously cute kittens: quadruple check. We love everything about these photos from Instagram account @thewaterkittens!


  • large cat wall with interesting cat bridges
  • lil cat laying on a cat hammock being chill and cute
  • home interior with various cat furniture pieces
  • cat on cat bridge

Le Loft Des Chats

Le Loft Des Chats is a pet hotel of sorts. They’re located in France and are a great place to bring your cats if you’re heading out of town for a trip. There aren’t a lot of places I would feel comfortable leaving my cats, but this is definitely one of the places I would. Their cat room is really beautiful.


  • diva white cat in zebra print bandana very fabulous
  • two white cats smooching on a cat condo
  • white cat sleeping as a loaf on a hammock


Jackie Petersen is an incredibly talented photographer who does wonders with lighting. Her cats also just so happen to be adorable, which makes for a perfect IG account. If you live in the Utah area and are interested in hiring her for a shoot, we’re including a link to her website.



Scratching Solutions

As much as we adore our feline companions, it is undeniable that they can cause significant damage to our furniture. Scratched-up couches and chairs are a prevalent issue for cat owners. Instead of resorting to drastic measures such as declawing, behaviorists recommend providing appropriate scratching surfaces. Scratching posts and/or poles can be a phenomenal resource to help redirect your cat's natural scratching behavior!

Why Cat Wall Furniture?

There are many reasons to move your cat’s space up the wall. It provides them with their own private area while also freeing up floor space in your home. In the wild a cat would have trees to climb up high to find a safe space to rest and we’ve used wall mounted cat furniture to help replicate the urge to scratch, climb and play. Our furniture has been featured numerous times on the hit show, “My Cat From Hell” where Jackson Galaxy incorporates the designs to assist in fixing behavorial issues in the home.

Perfect for Apartments

Our cat wall furniture is a great option for apartment dwellers for a couple of reasons. First, it can save precious floor space since it's mounted on the wall. This is especially useful in apartments where every square foot counts. Additionally, when space is limited, it's important for your cat to have their own area to play, scratch, and relax. Wall-mounted cat furniture provides just that, without taking up valuable floor space. We understand that many of our customers are concerned about losing their deposits due to damage caused by installing the furniture. However, we have put together a comprehensive blog on how to remove and fully restore your wall, providing peace of mind for apartment dwellers.