The brackets that we send along with our pieces are to be attached from the top, so that when weight is applied it pushes the shelf tight against the wall. That creates a very sturdy hold. Attaching them to the bottom may cause the platforms to be wobbly.

To mount the brackets, you will need a drill with a 7/64″ bit and a phillips head screwdriver bit.

Step 1

Once you’ve figured out where the bracket needs to go on your shelf, place it so that the flat back of the bracket is in line with the back of the shelf, so that both will be flush to the wall.

Step 2

Using the drill with the 7/64″ bit, make a pilot hole through the front hole in the bracket, holding down the bracket tightly with one hand. Be sure not to drill too deep into the shelf.

Step 3

Using the drill with the phillips head screwdriver bit, put the first screw into the pilot hole you made.

Step 4

Make sure the back end of the bracket is still in line with the back of the shelf. If the bracket is crooked, loosen the screw a little and straighten it.

Step 5

Pilot the next hole at a slight angle to avoid scratching the paint. Then screw the second screw in. If you had to loosen the first screw, tighten it.