Cat Mod – Lift

There’s only a few different ways to mount it the Lift. You can mount it with the ladder going to the left or right, ascending or descending. For these instructions, we’re going to be making the configuration on the top-right of the image below. To make a different configuration, you can use the same instructions; just change the order you install the planks.

The Lift comes with fabric for studs spaced out at 16″ apart. These also work for studs spaced out at 24″ studs, but you would need to order longer fabric to install.

Using the Hex-head bit, remove the tops of the planks. For the ladder, it’s easiest to start with the lowest plank and then work your way up. Mount your first plank, lining the middle mounting hole up with the center of the stud, drilling a pilot hole, and installing a long black screw. Then mount either the left or right mounting hole. Each plank only needs two screws.

Next, lay the end of your fabric over the mounting planks, with the fabric continuing towards the direction of your next planks.

Replace the top of the plank and install the furniture screws. Be sure not to over-tighten. If the screw starts to sink into the wood then you are going too tight. If it sinks a little that’s fine, but to keep your tops undamaged it’s nice to just tighten and stop right before the screw starts to sink.

Next, place your next plank’s mounting posts through the 3rd set of grommets away from the first plank you mounted.

Hold the fabric to the plank and pull the fabric tight, lining the middle hole of the bracket up with the center of the stud. Mark that bracket’s placement with a pencil and mount the bracket with the same procedure you used with the first plank.

Pull the fabric over the mounted plank and attach the wooden top to securely hold the fabric in place.

Screw wooden top in place using the furniture screws to securely hold fabric in place.

Remove wooden top from each of your ladder steps.

Then place the mounting posts through the sets of grommets.

Clamp with wooden top.

Then screw to secure step.

Finally, attach the last pair of grommets to your last plank and pull directly to the side. Mark the plank’s position with a pencil, and then mount that plank. Place cat on hammock and pet his or her head.

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  1. So the only way you can wash the fabric is to get out the drill and remove all screws to take fabric out. Is that correct?

    1. You got it! To clarify, you only need to remove the furniture screws on the top of the wooden plank. Just an FYI for care instructions, we recommend either hand washing with cold water and hang to air dry, or machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle and then hang to air dry.

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