Cat Mod – Lounge

The Cat Mod Lounge sits between two wooden planks. This item comes with fabric for studs spaced out at 16″ apart. These also work for studs spaced out at 24″ studs, but you would need to order longer fabric to install.

When you make any cut on the Cat Mod fabric you need to cut the fabric about 3/4 of an inch past the center of the grommets. This will allow the fabric to be held by the two strips of foam and not be so long that it shows out of the side of the closed plank.

Next, remove the tops from each of the planks. To do this, use the Hex end of the bit included with your hardware. Then pilot a hole through the middle hole into the center of the stud you’re mounting into. Install a long black screw into that hole, then repeat for either the left or right hole on that same bracket.

Place your fabric over the two mounting posts on the planks.

Reinstall the top of the plank with the two furniture screws to firmly hold the fabric in place.

Next, remove the top of the second plank. Place the grommets over the mounting posts and pull away from the mounted plank. You’re using the second plank as a measuring device to find your next stud. If you have 16″ studs then you will have one set of grommets between each plank. If you have 24″ studs then you have two between the planks. Using the level to make sure the hammock will be flat, install the second plank with the same procedure you used to install the first.

Finally, screw the last top on the plank you just mounted, place cat on hammock, and pet his or her head.

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