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Our cats absolutely love our Maze because of its three large canvas hammocks that they can lounge on. This is our 2nd generation of the piece made from The Cat Mod line.

There’s plenty of room to play around on, as well as napping space for everyone. There is also a large, sisal-lined escape hatch for cats to chase each other through. We often find our cats playfully batting at each other while they are sitting on different levels of the Maze.

It’s easiest to cut your fabric before mounting your planks. Below are the different fabric cuts you will need to create The Cat Mod – Maze.

When cutting the fabric to size, you want to cut 3/4″ from the center of the grommets. This length allows for the fabric to hold tight in each plank.

This complex uses 4 studs spaced out at 16″ from center to center. Start by marking each stud using a stud finder and pencil.

Next mount bottom left plank into stud #2. We suggest mounting the bottom plank 14-20″ or less off of the ground.  For instructions to mount the plank please see our basic mounting instructions.

Attach the 96″ piece of fabric to the mounted plank and then use furniture screws to attach the wooden top to firmly hold fabric into place.

Use a separated plank to clamp the 4th set of grommets down the strip of fabric. Stretch the fabric to the right until the plank is centered on the 2nd stud over, making sure the fabric is taut. Trace the corner of the unmounted plank and mount.

It helps to place a level on the fabric while holding the plank in place to be sure it’s level.

Place the 4th set of grommets from the plank you just mounted over the mounting posts on another plank. Stretch the fabric straight up, and mark the corner, and then mount the plank.

It’s easiest to use the level included to hold along the fabric to make sure it’s perfectly vertical, and that it goes into the same stud.

Attach another plank to the fourth set of grommets away from the shelf, stretch the fabric straight to the left, and mark the corner of the plank. Mount that plank with the two holes that best line up with the stud.

Now place the fabric over the mounted plank and use the escape hatch shelf to find the position of the next plank. Detailed instructions are covered here.

When mounting the Escape Hatch into place, be sure to attach the second strip of fabric to the left plank before attaching the shelf with furniture screws.

Use another plank and attach it to the 2nd set of grommets away from the shelf. Pull the fabric straight down. Mark the position with a pencil and then remove fabric and mount plank into position.

Attach the last planks into the last set of grommets and stretch the fabric straight to the right, and mark the corner of the plank. Mount that plank with the two holes that best line up with the stud.

2 Comments on “Cat Mod – Maze”

  1. What if there isn’t 4 studs? Also how long is the top? I’m confused with the measurements you are showing. And can you change the layout even though I just ordered this one?
    If you could respond as soon as you can that would be great so that I can cancel my order if I have to.
    Another question is how high do you hang these
    cat mazes?
    I love all of these mazes! I just wish they weren’t so expensive!! ☹️☹️😢😢😊😊😊
    Thank you for your anticipated reply,

    Holly Coffay

    1. Hi Holly. You can change the layout as you see fit at home. All of our Cat Mod items will come to you disassembled so that you are able to make modifications to fit your space. For spacing, you will want to make sure your furniture mounted so that they can jump easily to it. The first level should be installed at 12″-14″ off of the ground or at a max of 20″. From there, each additional level up should be 12-18″ up. Horizontally the space between items should be 12-16” apart at the most.

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