Cat Proof Cat Coaster

photo collage of glass cups in wooden frames

This idea comes in at #1 for the worst idea we’ve ever come up with. At the time the idea seemed genius. We would make a coaster that covers the top of a glass, and then sell it with logo-printed pint glasses! We put in an embarrassing amount of time prototyping these, deciding which type of wood to use, how thick to go with the wood, etc. Originally we wanted to use exotic wood, but we finally decided on the stained pine you see in the pictures.

We launched them on our social media and watched all the negative comments roll in. They weren't coming from internet trolls, They were coming from long time fans, so we knew there was a problem with the product.

The most common comment was, “wouldn’t the cat just knock it over?” So there you go; we were selling people a mess to clean up. Although our cats didn’t actually spill ours, if people thought their cats would then it doesn’t really matter if they would or not. We took the coasters off the site the following day.

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9 Comments on “Cat Proof Cat Coaster”

  1. I think it’s hysterical. My imp (9 months old) would find this fascinating and certainly would dump the thing on the floor.

    1. Hey Tanya. This item is actually in our “Cat Toy Graveyard” for being an unsuccessful product. Check out the explanation as to why on this page and we won’t be offended if you give a chuckle at our expense. Haha!

  2. “This idea comes in at #1 for the worst idea we’ve ever come up with.”

    Hilarious, because I clicked on this product thinking, “OMG I NEED THIS, why did it fail?!?” Guess I was like you – I have cats who are all too happy to drink out of our glasses, but who don’t show an interest in knocking them over. That said, we solved the issue by just using water bottles/mason jars with lids instead (bonus is that it helps with the HUMANS knocking them over).

  3. What if you added something grippy to the base so that it doesn’t slide? Grip where the cup goes could be beneficial so the cat can’t knock the class off the coaster. I think this design could still be saved.

  4. We absolutely need these! PLEASE! We have 4 cats who do not knock things over. However, they ONLY want to drink out of our water glasses!

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