How to Socialize Your Cat

kitten walking

Socializing your cat Socialization is the accumulation of good experiences that help build a cat who feels confident and at ease in the world they live. The process starts when … Read More

Treating Common Cat Behavior Issues

cat s with bad attitudes

Cats bring with them a unique set of behaviors to any household. While most behavior issues will be an expression of your cat’s natural instincts, always start with ruling out … Read More

Creating a Peaceful Cat/Dog Household

cat and dog

Part One: Management Are you looking to add a canine to your already-feline-occupied household, or vice versa? Many of us enjoy the company of both species, but when integrating the … Read More

Feline Facial Expressions and Emotions

sleepy green eyed calico cat

Anyone who has shared a home with a cat has witnessed something not fully appreciated by science until recently: the facial expressions of cats. Cats are capable of forming strong … Read More

Cats & Anxiety

Bronson cat sitting on comfy cushion

Cats experience anxiety for the same reasons that humans do; they anticipate danger or feel fear. Although it may seem that your cat is anxious or afraid for no reason, … Read More