Geeks are sexy

Thank you to the folks at Geeks are sexy for writing about our Super Mario cat complex!


Daily mail was a huge mile stone for us. Thank you so much!

Dude I want that

Dude I want that has been another site that’s showed us a lot of love. They’ve included 3 of our items on their awesome site. I built a wooden drinking fountain, thinking it would blow up on the internet…. The only review I got was from dude I want that and I’m pretty sure they’re making fun of us. But … Read More

This is why i’m broke

I followed this site before we opened our shop. I was very excited after getting one of our pieces featured, and blown away after seeing that they continued to add our items. They’ve really been too kind to us, and have included a total of 6 of our pieces on the site.  Thank you Wooden Cat Drinking Fountain Indiana Jones … Read More

The Guardian

This is the only post that wasn’t an actual write up on the shop, but one on the show we did at CatConLA.  Just because The Guardian mentioned us, I wanted to include the article. Thank you so much!


Huge thanks to Kevin Melrose for the Chain Chomp write up!


Our Super Mario Complex getting some love from writer Amanda Kooser. Thank you

Home Harmonizing

Dattatreya Mandal wrote a great review on our Cat Bunker