About Our Collections


Determining what type of cat furniture is most suitable for your space can be a difficult first step. A lot of that depends on things like: how many cats are in the household, your cat's behavior, issues you're attempting to correct, and where you're considering building the space.

Plush Cat Beds

These are made with very soft plush fabric. Some cats prefer being surrounded by fabric while they rest; we've made these for those cats.

Cat Shelves

These can be a nice option for older or less agile cats, or if you're building a path to something like a resting area or food. If you have a corner you're incorporating into your layout, a corner shelf is a really good option for continuing a path. We have three different options with our shelves.

Solid wood Shelves

These are easiest to clean, because there's no fabric that needs to be wiped down. Since we use soft pine, cats are able to sink their claws in for extra traction. These come with brackets attached from the top. For hidden brackets we do have solid shelves available in our new Cat Mod collection.

Burlap Shelves

These have a fabric top with multiple layers of fabric, the last being burlap. They create a scratchy surface that our cats love to rub their face and ears on.

Plush Fabric Shelves

These have plush fabric tops that are incredibly soft. We've been told many times that the pictures of these shelves don't do them justice as far as how soft they are.

Stretched Canvas Wall Hammocks

We have two different types of fabric hammocks. There are benefits to both of the styles, which is why we never discontinued the first generation after coming out with the second generation. Both versions are designed to be installed into wall studs, and hold a huge amount of weight, 85 lbs per solid wood plank and 65 lbs per fabric section. These come in a wide range of sizes, from simple hammocks to elaborate cat complexes.

First generation Hammocks

These come with brackets attached from the top. They have all of the canvas strips held permanently in place. They are assembled in our shop, which makes for an easier mounting process, but have a lot less features than the Cat Mod collection. Although these do not have removable fabric, they do come with the option of waterproof fabric, which can be easily cleaned.

The Cat Mod

These are our second generation fabric hammocks. This collection has a patent-pending hidden bracket design and removable and washable fabric. These are modular, so you can build on to them over time, like Legos. This makes them a great option for first-time buyers, because they can start off small. Since the Cat Mod collection can be put together in so many different ways, it’s easy to create something specific to the space you're building in. We also have add-ons we're launching over time that can be attached to these; so far we have Planters, Feeders, Sisal Poles, Steps, and Shelves.

Raised food solutions

These can be very helpful for keeping food off the ground and away from children or dogs. They are also good for completing your cat habitat, giving them an area to play, rest, and also eat. We have these available as a standalone shelf or as an attachment for the Cat Mod collection.


Our Indiana Jones-style cat bridge was the very first piece of cat furniture we ever made, for our first cat Ickle. After seeing how much he liked it, it gave us the idea for starting the shop in 2013. It's still one of the most popular items in the shop and also still Ickle's favorite napping spot. We have bridges with and without rope railings. If you have worries about your cats chewing on the ropes, we also have a strong paracord rope upgrade.

Sisal Collection

We have a large collection of sisal pole lengths and configurations to fit almost any wall. Our cats love the Floating Sisal Posts, because they can not only use them for scratching, but also as steps to get up and down the wall.

Outdoor Options

We do have a waterproof fabric, which can be easily cleaned, but at this point we do not have an outdoor option unless it's a covered area.

Our next big project is launching a new product which can be used indoors or outdoors. This is something that's still at least six months away. If you would like to hear about it once it's released please signup for our newsletter or follow us on social media. Thanks!