Gypsy, Tippy and Samurai

Jillian and her husband Nicholas are animal lovers with a full house of rescues. They currently have three cats (Gypsy, Tippy, and Samurai) and two dogs (Fluffy and Lily)

Nicholas reached out to us with the idea of exchanging cat furniture for them to make an installation video of the process.

They own a small business called McMillon Concrete LLC in Las Vegas. After checking their (very impressive) work and hearing about their cats, we were thrilled with the idea.

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Their first rescue was Gypsy, who they rescued at three months old.  She's a sweet, timid girl mixed with a little bit of attitude that loves long naps in the bay window chair.  Being an introvert by nature she has never been into playing, although she loves a good belly rub making kitty biscuits while getting loved on.  Her golden eyes say it all!


A few years after rescuing Gypsy, they found Tippy at a local shelter in Las Vegas. When they first found Tippy she had not been well kept, leading her to be malnourished, dirty, and shy. Now that she is home she has a huge personality! Bird watching, lounging in the backyard, chasing flies, and perching on Nicholas' shoulders are some of her favorite things to do. Tippy has an abnormality in her paw called Ectrodactyly.  Nicholas said she doesn't let this slow her down and even uses her unique paw to her advantage.


The most recent cat they adopted is Samurai. He started off in St. Croix, USVI, where he was found with a broken leg due to someone kicking him as a kitten. Later on, it was determined that three places in his back leg were broken and that it needed to be amputated.

Now that he is healthy and in a loving family he is a ball of energy! He sprints all over the house chasing toys with his partner in crime, Tippy. After a long day of playtime, he can be found cuddled up in bed every night.

Vertical paradise

We really love how this came out. It was a design they came up with themselves and it's really well done. We were excited to see these pictures because we weren't sure if Samurai was going to be able to navigate the wall, but he's doing just fine up there.

This is a really good how-to video that Nicholas put together. He's great at what he does and really goes into everything to consider when installing a custom layout, or even mounting our furniture in general.

If you would like to see what Nicholas does full-time, check out his social media.

This is a tough time to have a small business, so we wanted to share their information on the site. McMillon Concrete LLC specializes in modern precast/cast-in-place concrete elements such as countertops, custom sink molds, vanities, tiles, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, BBQ areas, and furniture to name a few.

Although McMillon Concrete LLC is located in Los Vegas, they do work all over the US, so if you're doing renovations keep them in mind.

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