Cat Climbing Wall: Create a System That Your Cat Will Love!

cats playing on wall of floating scratching posts

We’ve been running into issues with our cats’ lack of motivation and discipline. This called for some type of extreme training regimen. Since military style push-ups were out of the question, we saw this as our only option: putting this epic Floating Sisal Post wall together, tossing toys to each of the hammocks, then photographing the ensuing chase.

Since we started selling our Floating Sisal Posts, we’ve really wanted to do an epic wall made up of them.

This setup was put together using a pencil, measuring tape, our drill and most importantly, a laser level.

At first, we only outfitted the wall with the 27 Floating Sisal Posts. The cats took to it right away, but Ickle is not used to so much exercise and he gave out after 10 minutes of play, slumping himself on the ground after all of his climbing. After seeing Ickle’s need for a resting area, we decided to add a large shelf and several hammocks for them to lounge on.

The Posts work nicely for giving cats multiple paths up and down the wall, which can help prevent cat fights.

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    1. Hey Joan, Those are smaller versions of our floating sisal posts. We constructed wooden boxes and then attached the smaller sisal post to those. We loved how it looked but our cats were hesitant to play on them so we decided against putting them into production.

  1. I wonder if staggering the posts would be better than having them in horizontal and vertical rows… or did you consider, but eliminate that idea?

    1. Hey Harriet, Terribly sorry about the late reply. We’ve had a lot of issues with spam filling up our comment section. One thing about using these to fill up a wall is that they are installed into studs spaced out at 16″ apart. We did start off by having them staggered but since you can only mount every 16″ then they turned out to be pretty far apart so then we filled inthe empty space and came to what we have here.

    1. Hi Astrid,

      Mike mounted the posts at a distance of 16″ center to center, both vertically and horizontally. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Dear Catastrophic -Team

    I tried to get an answer weeks before – here once again:
    Do you ship to Switzerland too?

    1. Hi Brigitte,

      I apologize that you needed to try a couple of times before we answered. Our comments have been overrun with spam, so we are currently working on wading through these, to find real people with real questions/comments.

      We do ship our items to Switzerland. You would just add the items you are interested in, to your cart, and checkout normally. Our site is also able to quote you the shipping cost prior to checkout. After adding the items you like, click on the cart button then scroll down to the section called ‘Cart Totals’, sub section ‘Shipping’. In this section, you can click the golden ‘Calculate Shipping’ button and update it to quote the cost to ship to Switzerland.

      In the future, it is much faster to get ahold of us through email, as this is checked Monday-Friday. Please feel free to direct urgent inquiries to [email protected]

  3. What kind of toys were you throwing to get your cat to go back and forth between the hammocks? Could you upload another video of your cats playing with this sisal wall? Love the idea but I am not sure how practical it is still.

    1. Hi Courtney. We do have additional videos on our Facebook page but they will feature snippets of the same video, I’m afraid.

      We frequently install new setups and unique designs with our items to show how versatile you can make your own layout at home. This was just a fun idea we had and wanted to make it look a bit like Plinko.

  4. Hi I bought one of these off Amazon and the person that was selling it from China never sent any instructions with the item so they sent me a replacement and it’s the same thing never showed any instructions on how to install it on the wall I am so lost and frustrated I’ve put about four giant thumb size holes in my wall is there anyway you can show me or tell how you install it to the wall

    1. Hi Brianna! Thank you for reaching out about this, and I apologize that you have had a difficult time with your Floating Scratching Post installation! One of our customer service representatives will be reaching out to you soon to help you.

  5. Hi. I love this idea, but two of out cats are large and one is quite the chonk. About how much weight with vigorous play can these take?

    1. Hi Diana! We have a lot of large breed cat-clients such as Maine Coons, Savannahs, and Ragdolls! The Sisal Posts have been weight tested to hold up to 70 lbs when mounted into a wall stud.

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