photo collage of cat playing on wall mounted cat furniture

We first became aware of Monty through a Bored Panda post in 2015. He was born without a nasal bridge bone due to a chromosomal abnormality, which is why he’s got such a unique and lovable face.

His parents adopted him at three years old and have given him a well-deserved happy and loving life.

Monty has grown a huge amount of followers spreading the positive message “love before appearance and acceptance of who you are.” He and his family do a lot of work promoting awareness of special needs animals.

We love everything about him and are so honored to see him on our furniture.

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If you’re not already a fan, we highly suggest heading over and checking out his social media accounts.


His family sells Monty merchandise and beautiful jewelry from their website; it’s definitely worth having a look.

3 Comments on “Monty”

  1. Monty looks like a cool cat! I love his face, he seems tough.. I also like how you put his space in and around your space so it’s not like he has a wall but like you two share a space.. That’s pretty cool. I want this.. and a cat! I don’t have a cat yet.. but when I do get one, I’d definitely like to incorporate something like this!

  2. I LOVE Monty. My 1st kitty was named Monty too! I agree with you & special needs kitties. We have 2 rescues. Zac – he’s a bit skittish and Greyson – he has 1 eye…not sure what happened as he was a “stray” (I hate that word – it has a pejorative connotation. He has soooo much energy – – it’s possible that he came in contact with a tree branch. Vet said no need to remove what’s there – which is dark. Both fur babies are wonderful.

    Enjoy Monty – he’s precious

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