Mounting Crow’s Nest

It’s important to read our basic mounting instructions before continuing on. They will help you determine what tools you will need and also about how to mount individual planks, sisal poles, and Escape Hatches.

This is a really fun layout. You will need four studs spaced out at 16″ from center to center. Start by marking the center of each of the four studs you’re using.

The Cat Mod – Crow's Nest comes with a single piece of fabric 64″ long.

We suggest mounting the first level up the wall 14-20″ off of the ground.

Start with mounting the 28" sisal pole. For detailed instructions to mount the pole, check out our basic mounting instructions.

Be sure to leave the plank tops off for the following steps.

Remove the furniture screws from one of the Cat Mod Steps and remove the plank bottom portion of the Step.

Next, take the top portion of the Step and attach it to the sisal pole bottom.

Remove the top portion of the other Cat Mod Step and then mount it in the next stud over.

We measured 13" down from the top of the pole, made a mark, and then lined up the top of the step with that line.

Reattach the Step top.

Attach the fabric strip to the top plank of the sisal pole and reattach the plank top. Attach a plank to the fourth set of grommets away from the pole, stretch the fabric straight to the left, and mark the corner of the plank. Mount that plank with the two holes that best line up with the stud.

Place the second set of grommets from the plank you just mounted over the mounting posts on another separated plank. Stretch the fabric straight up, mark the corner, and then mount the plank.

It’s easiest to use the included level to hold along the fabric to make sure it’s perfectly vertical, and that it goes into the same stud.

Attach another plank to the last set of grommets, stretch the fabric straight to the right, and mark the corner of the plank. Mount that plank with the two holes that best line up with the stud.

2 Comments on “Mounting Crow’s Nest”

  1. Hi. I’m so happy I found your website; you’re product is beautiful and you get such great reviews. Before I order this Crow’s Nest I wanted to know how easy it is to cut the canvas… I’m not setting it up exactly as you show; my two hammocks can’t be connected. So is it possible to cut out the vertical part and use the hammocks separately?
    Thank you in advance for your help, Jaime

    1. Hi Jaime! Thank you for your kind words. If I’m understanding correctly, you can set up the Crow’s Nest this way. It sounds like you’re planning to install mostly as depicted here but without the vertical canvas section. Cutting the fabric isn’t very difficult. You’ll want to make sure you cut 3/4″ away from the grommets. You can read more on this on our Basic Mounting Instructions for Cat Mod:

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