Mounting the Cat Mod Venus

It’s important to read our basic mounting instructions before continuing on. They will help you determine what tools you will need and how to mount individual planks, sisal poles, ladders, and Escape Hatches.

For this complex you will need three studs spaced out at 16″ from center to center. Start by marking the center of each of the three studs you’re using. Since this complex is rather tall, we suggestion marking multiple areas on each stud up the wall.

The Cat Mod Venus comes with a single piece of fabric six grommets long. It’s easiest to cut your fabric before mounting the planks. Here are the different fabric cuts you will need to create the Cat Mod Venus.

First, start by assembling the 70" sisal pole. To do this, match up the sisal pole sections with the corresponding numbers. As shown in Figure A, both pole planks need to be set on a solid, flat surface to be sure they're lined up correctly.

The top and bottom sections have closed off ends and the middle section is open on each end.

Figure B shows how to line up the sisal poles so that they fit snugly together, without showing any white pipe.

Next, screw in two tan screws into each connecting section, two lines of sisal from the end of each cap shown in figure C.

Remove the furniture screws and plank tops from both mounting planks on the sisal pole. With the help of another person hold the pole to the wall with a level and screw in each plank to the left most stud.

We suggest mounting the pole so that the bottom of the pole is 10" from the floor to make for easy scratching.

Remove the four furniture screws from the 34" Escape Hatch. Next, remove the left plank and hold the right plank on while you set this piece into place. Line up the posts on the lower vertical pole plank with the two holes on the left end of the shelf, and use a level on the shelf to find the position for the right plank. Mark that position of the right plank with a pencil, remove the shelf and mount the plank into place. Replace the shelf and install it with furniture screws.

Remove the plank bottoms from the 18" Shelf. Measure 12.5" directly down from the right plank of the Escape Hatch, make a mark, and mount a plank bottom with the top of the bracket at that mark.

Mount the other plank bottom on your middle stud. Attach the 18" Shelf top to the plank bottoms you just mounted. For instructions on how to do this, please see our basic mounting instructions.

Next, remove the bottom plank of the planter and mount it 12.5" directly up from the previously mounted right-most plank of the 34" Escape Hatch. Attach one of the 16" sections of canvas over the two mounting posts and reattach the planter top.

Attach the last set of grommets to a separated plank bottom and pull it straight to the left. Use the level to make sure it’s perfectly straight. Mark the plank's position with a pencil and then mount it. Replace the plank top.

Next, attach the last piece of canvas over the mounting posts of the upper pole plank, and attach the plank top to hold the fabric firmly in place.

Attach the last set of grommets to the final separated plank. Use the level to make sure it’s perfectly straight, mark its position with a pencil, and mount the plank. Replace the plank top.

Lastly, mount the Floating Sisal Post 12" directly up from the Planter plank. See our Floating Sisal Post mounting instructions.

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