Paper bag with an “X” carefully drawn on it

cat next to paper bag

First, we'd like to say that this was a joke, but that we did offer it in our shop for $3. This was probably six months after we opened our store. It seemed funny for a cat furniture store to sell something cats love, but that the customers already had. It also was humorous that a business would be reminding its customers that cats are usually happy with items they currently have... We weren't very good business people back then.

We started on Etsy and to sell on there you need to either build items or artistically change an existing item. So that was where the “x” came from.

We would get a lot of mail from people thinking it was mostly funny, but from a few that were either confused or upset we were taking advantage of people by selling them something they could already get for free.

There were a few people who joined in the fun. Here are a couple of our favorite questions regarding
Etsy's hottest new item.

This is our YouTube release. Caption reads, "Behind the scenes look at the construction of one of our brand new pieces. A paper bag with an "x" drawn on it, also slightly crinkled (to make it more fun for cats.) "

Eventually we decided that since we were selling products that we truly liked and stood behind, it was a little silly that our customers had to wade through pretend items to find the real ones.

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