Feeders & Add-ons

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  • Feeder Lounge

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  • natural and charcoal fabrics

    Additional Fabric

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  • Cat cubby with black and white brick design, a tan cat is stepping from one shelf into the cubby.

    Cat Cubby Fabric

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  • Ladder Pieces

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  • Mounting Planks

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  • Planter Pot

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  • Sisal Pole Segment

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    Cat Feeder – 10% off

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  • Cat Step

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    Planter – 10% off

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    cat nip bundle with silver vine sticks, cat nip buds, and catnip spray

    Catnip Bundle

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    Catnip Buds

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    cat nip spray

    Catnip Spray

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    five silver vine sticks

    Silver Vine Sticks

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Introducing our third generation of wall hammocks!

This new collection was meticulously engineered and is our strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. We built our furniture out of very strong material, allowing a thinner, sleek design, full of many functional upgrades.