18″ Burlap-Covered Cat Shelf


  • Burlap fabric adds a lot of grip
  • Safe for very tall spaces
  • Perfect for climbing
  • Great for large or multiple cats
  • Solid, sturdy design, tested to hold 85 lbs
  • Ships within 1 week
  • Mounting Instructions

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These shelves have multiple layers of fabric on top. Our cats climb on them and jump around the wall with ease. It’s a great way for them to reach higher shelves or to stretch on after a long nap. We have heard customer stories of cats flying across the room to jump onto these shelves. The burlap’s amazing grip will allow most able cats to pull themselves right up onto the shelves.

Cats love the rougher feel of the burlap fabric, which they can lounge on and scratch their face with. When we were mounting the shelves for the first time in our home, our cat Ickle fell asleep on one of the 18″ shelves on the ground. We ended up taking the brackets off and leaving it there for him, for when he’s feeling too lazy to climb up the wall to get to a shelf.

– Includes –
1 (one) 18″ Cat Shelf Covered with Natural Burlap fabric.

– Standard Dimensions –
Total Width: 18″ Total Height (including brackets): 4″ Depth: 9″

Our 18″ shelves come with two brackets attached, meant to be mounted into studs 16″ apart. If you have different spacing between your studs, let us know when you order. All of our furniture also comes with screws. These shelves are very sturdy and have been tested to hold 85 lbs.

The dye lot for our fabrics can change from time-to-time, as it can with any fabric manufacturers. This isn’t something that we can control.

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