Small Stretched Fabric Raceway


  • Perfect starter piece
  • Great for lounging
  • Each fabric section tested to hold 62 lbs
  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • Solid wood planks and heavyweight canvas
  • Ships within 1 week
  • Mounting Instructions

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This is our 1st generation Small Raceway. If you would like to see the second generation Cat Mod – Lift (with steps included), which includes our new removable fabric and Cat Mod attachment options, please follow this link

Our cats use these raceways to run around the house and to lounge on. Our large 18 lb cat Ickle enjoys laying on the upper area. We started feeling bad for how cramped his robust body looked between the 16 inches of fabric, so we built him the larger raceway. He now uses the larger one to run along, but still prefers the fit of this bed.

– Standard Dimensions –
Total Width: 34″ Total Height: 16″ Depth: 11″

We use solid wood for the shelving and mounting posts, and thick heavy weight canvas for the hammocks. The brackets will come detached and all of our furniture also comes with screws. Each fabric section has been tested to hold 62 lbs, and each wooden plank has been tested to hold 85 lbs. Each raceway is built to be mounted along three consecutive 16″ studs.

Pictured is a Small Raceway with the Onyx/Charcoal Gray and English Chestnut/Natural combinations. Scroll down to see a video of our cats playing King of the Castle on this raceway. Heisenberg thinks it’s his and he found Ickle laying on it.

*Free Shipping to the Contiguous US

**Please note: Our gray fabric has changed. It is now Dark Slate Gray which is a couple of shades darker than our previous Charcoal Gray. Please scroll through the listing’s photos to see the updated color.
The dye lot for our fabrics can change from time-to-time, as it can with any fabric manufacturers. This isn’t something that we can control.

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