Unfinished/Natural/Cream – Fabric Cat Maze – Ready to Ship*

$174.00 $139.20

  • Spacious lounging
  • Mentally stimulating design
  • Extremely sturdy; each hammock tested to hold 62 lbs and each wood piece tested to hold 85 lbs
  • Perfect for those with multiple and/or larger felines
  • Ships within 3 business days
  • Mounting Instructions

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Out of stock


– Includes –
1 Fabric Cat Maze with Unfinished wood, Natural fabric and Cream brackets

– Standard Dimensions –
Dimensions: Total width: 52″  Total height: 31″  Depth: 11″
The hole in the Escape Hatch is 7.75” in diameter

This item has already been built and cannot be modified.

*Free shipping to the contiguous US.

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