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Welcome to our Cat Mod mounting page!

To understand the step by step instructions, it’s important to first read over our basic mounting review below. After that, continue to the layout instructions at the bottom of this page.

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Basic mounting instructions

Layout designs and instructions

Below are each of The Cat Mod packages we currently sell. Click any item for detailed instructions to build it.

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We funded this new product by launching it on Kickstarter. This is the video we made to explain the new Cat Mod collection.

2 Comments on “The Cat Mod”

  1. This looks so amazing – I found my cat online when he was 1 year old . The previous owner had him total declawed so i felt I must save him and give him the best life he can have. Do you offer some furnishings or mods that could accommodate my kitty?
    Thanks so much

    1. Declawed cats are able to use many of our furniture items with no trouble. Since they may have trouble gripping into the bamboo to pull themselves u, my recommendation would be creating a more horizontal design lower to the ground. For the lowest level of your complex, I suggest starting about 12-16″ from the floor. From there, you’ll want to keep levels no higher than 16″ and approximately 16-18″ apart horizontally. This will allow your cat to use both front and back paws to climb and descend without needing to worry about grip.

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