The Cat Mod

We’ve officially launched our Cat Mod mounting page. We still have a few complexes we’re going to be adding in the next couple days so please be patient if you don’t yet see one from the Kickstarter.

To understand the step by step instructions it’s important to first read over our basic mounting review below. After that, continue to the layout instructions at the bottom of this page.

For the next 2 months we’re going to be adding one layout a week so that there’s a lot of freedom to build something perfect for your space.

To get notified of upcoming layout releases, new add-ons and fabric colors, please join The Cat Mod newsletter.

Now available for sale

Basic mounting instructions

Layout designs and instructions

Bellow are each of The Cat Mod packages we currently sell. Click any item for detailed instructions to build any of the layouts we’ve come up with.

*Please note that we will be adding to each of these over time. To receive updates when we release new layout instructions, add-ons, or colored canvas please join our Cat Mod Newsletter.

We funded this new product by launching it on Kickstarter. This is the video we made to explain the new Cat Mod collection.

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