Plant Cat Tree (Wood Cat Tower)

photos of cat tree

This was the first time we had incorporated live plants with our cat furniture. It was also our first real attempt at coming up with a cat tree design that could be mass produced. There were three different levels, and it was made so that a customer could start with a smaller version and then build on to it over time.

We really liked the open design. There aren't a lot of solid wood cat trees on the market, so we were really excited about launching this piece. It came with a round fabric lounge at the top as well as a feeding area. 

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The major issue with this tree was stability. Although it used steel braces, it did a weird twisting thing. So while we didn't believe it unsafe, we wanted it to be more solid than what's currently on the market, rather than launching a less stable design.

We're still planning to do a collection of cat trees, but we have a couple of projects coming up before that.

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  1. We need this in our life. Our kitty is in love with cat grass. And we would love to have a option for him with out drilling in to our walls.

    1. Hey Tara,

      We hope to start working on our new cat tree design next year. We had issues with stability with this tree and the only way to stabilize it was increasing the frame’s size substantially. We thought this would look bulky, so we are back to the drawing board.


  2. We are waiting for those free standing cat tress as we don’t have much walls can install the shelves at home (the only 2 walls we have are already been occupied with your climbing systems 🙂

    Are they still on the launch list, any idea when it may come up on the market?


    1. Hi Joanne. At this time we don’t know when work will begin once again on the cat tree, but it’s not completely out of the question for the future. The major issue with this tree was stability. While we didn’t believe it unsafe, we want it to be more solid than what’s currently on the market rather than launching a less stable design.

      If a cat tree is made available, we will announce it on our social media and also send out a mailer to our newsletter subscribers. Here is a link if you are interested in signing up for our newsletter:

  3. While “twisting thing” is rather vague I think you may be able to overcome it if you put a diagonal bar between opposite corners of each of the rectangular metal supports. Triangles are inherently rigid where rectangles are prone to collapse.

    I also really like the horizontal scratching areas next to the planters. I’d be great if you could incorporate this as options for some of your shelves. My cats seem to only want to scratch if they have something horizontal.

    1. Bryan is exactly right… as an engineer I can tell you that your “twisting” will be inherent to square supports. If you incorporate a support angled through each square from center to outside effectively turning each square into two triangles – that should stabilize any twisting that occurs. You could then even wrap that support in fabric to allow your cat to “face rub” against it. Just my opinion!

  4. Cat trees are very useful for both felines and their owners because they provide the cat with a place to climb, scratch and play, and help you save your furniture from the claws of your pet. These kind of trees are available in various styles, so it is easy to find one that fits your feline’s needs, as well as your finances and preference. If you buy a kitty tree, you will provide your felines with many happy hours of play and comfortable relaxation.

  5. Megan,

    I don’t mind a big, tall bulky cat tree for big cats, as long as it’s stable and attractive, and as long as the cat loves it. As you know, when a 14-pound or larger tomcat jumps from the floor to the top of the tree (or near the top) in one swoop, the unit has to be pretty heavy and stable. I like the light-colored solid wood, the sisal and the place to insert pots of cat grass. Cats are so very appreciative of their own comfortable lounging, scratching, sleeping and climbing spaces, that I am willing to have the cat-joy unit dominate my room. Just make them architecturally beautiful, so that they are conversation pieces and art, as well as cat-joy spaces & rooms. The add-on unit is a great idea.
    Do you have a mailing list?

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