Importance of Vertical Space

Cats have an instinctual need to be in high places. That’s why when cats are outdoors in their natural environment, we see them on rooftops, fences, and up in trees.

So when they’re inside, instead of fighting cats’ instincts, why not get them a proper place of their own, up high? This gives cats a stronger sense of security in their environment and more territory to play and explore.

If you’ve ever had a timid cat, you know that when visitors (or as the cat sees them, intruders) enter your home, the cat bolts for safety under a bed. Giving your cat its own space that is high on the wall can inspire a little more confidence. When the cat is up in its own habitat, it can relax and observe everything, knowing that no one can sneak up or cause it any harm.

Being up high can also be an escape from the stresses that are at ground level.

If you have dogs or small children, having a sanctuary up on the wall means cats don’t have to compete for napping spots or be subjected to unwanted attention. Wall-mounted furniture gives cats a safe place to run when they start to feel threatened, while still allowing them to be part of the social action of the house.

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