Vintage TV Cat Bed – A Retro Cat Bed

photo collage of cats sitting in vintage tv cat bed

This was a really fun piece to make. We used solid pine and finished plywood on the outer shell of the television. We decided to leave most of the wood unfinished and accented the piece with gray stain.

Each of the stained pieces were finished with matte polyurethane. Each set came with a remote control to set/change the LED lighting on the TV. You could choose to light the TV set with your favorite color of the moment or to have the colors on a rotation, fading into each other.

We only made five of these, because it would have been difficult for us to mass produce.

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    1. Hey Bernice! Sadly, this is one of the projects that (while fun to have!) is something that’s not feasible for us anymore. However, if we ever do bring this back then we will make an announcement on our social media pages and also send a mailer to our newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet but would like to, here is that link:

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