Wait times

Please keep in mind that if you order items with different shipping times, the order will be shipped out at the later date.

If you need your items shipped out at different times, you must pay separate shipping charges. To do this, just place two (or more) separate orders.

4 Comments on “Wait times”

  1. If I provide a photo of the front door with big window above it and the measurements could you help come up with a plan for my 11 year old cats Bonnie and Clyde. They had front claws removed as kittens so it would affect the climbing. They are good at jumping. But I want them to be able to enjoy it as they age.
    Thank you I love this 😻😻

    1. Hey Patti, As long as the furniture is mounted properly, all of it has been weight tested to hold 85lbs at each plank or shelf and 65lbs at each hammock section. Most of the furniture is made for furniture spaced out at 16″ because that’s the most comon in US homes. Our Cat Mod furniture works for 16″ and 24″ wall stud spacing. Thanks!

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