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Cat Bridges

cats lounging on cat bridge

The Roped Cat Bridge is made from solid bamboo, has heavy duty paracord connecting the slats, and your choice of twine or paracord used to create the railings. All of this allows the bridge to support a great deal of weight. Building a sturdy Cat Bridge was important to us because as the bridge length gets longer, more cats can fit along the span. The twine railing works well to hold your cat in place for a majestic bridge nap. We don’t have any scientific proof that majestic bridge naps offer any health benefits, but we’re quite certain they produce better dreams.

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Introducing our 3rd Generation of wall hammocks!

This new collection of wall hammocks has been meticulously engineered to be the strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. This collection has also a thinner, sleek design, along with many functional upgrades.

History of the Cat Bridge

cat lounging in cat bridge

The Roped Cat Bridge is the first cat furniture item we ever made. It was in 2013 and was inspired from trying to connect a doorway with cat furniture on either side. After seeing how the cats reacted to it, we posted it online and it went pretty viral. At that point, it was called the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge and although that name was much better then, “Roped cat Bridge”, we dropped the part of text that could lead to a lawsuit a couple years into the business.

Our bridges are still one of our most popular items in the shop and they work really well to span across doorways. If you do go this route, beware of playful head bops from your cat as you walk underneath the bridge. A lot of people also mount these running across windows, which is also great because cats can lounge on the bridge and enjoy the view of the outdoors through the window.

Layouts & Lengths

We make these in a number of different ways. We have our Roped Cat Bridge, which is a bridge that spans between two mounting planks. With the modular design, these spans can be easily added onto most of our existing cat furniture. We also sell the Cat Bridge Lounge, which is composed of cat hammocks on either side of the bridge. Another option uses cat shelves as the bridge platforms on either side of the bridge span and is called the Cat Bridge W/ Landings.

bridge examples

After choosing the version that best suits your cat, you can select a bridge length: (which is the measurement of the bridge span)

  • 34″ Bridge spanUses 3 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center. 
  • 50″ Bridge span – Uses 4 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center. 
  • 66″ Bridge spanUses 5 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center.

Design and Functionality

cat bridge weight test

If you’re installing multiple pieces of cat furniture on the wall together, please check out our blog on mounting tips. We offer suggestions as far the best rooms to install your cat jungle gym, along with things to keep in mind when your mounting, like proper spacing, creating beginner and expert routes.

  • Our cat bridges are made from solid sustainable bamboo and has been weight tested to hold 85 lbs (38 kg).
  • The furniture is modular, so you either build it into an existing cat wall, or start small and build onto the structure over time.  Since it’s modular, you can also mount any of the layouts shown in a mirrored fashion to how they’re pictured in the listing.
  • Our patented hidden bracket design gives the cat furniture a floating look and also allows you to remove/wash/ or replace fabric sections over time.

Choose a Rope Railing

Twine (standard)
Photo of Onyx bridge roped with twine

Twine is a nice option for cats that don’t chew on on things. Our cats love itching their faces on the twine and prefer this version for that reason.

Paracord (upgrade)
Onyx Bridge roped with paracord

We started offering a paracord upgrade for cats that like too chew on things. This has typically been kittens. It was a phase two of our four cats went through, but grew out of. We’ve never had a situation where a cat has chewed through the paracord. we believe that a lot of the reason for this is because it’s stronger and not as fun to chew on.

Behavior and Enrichment

cat on bridge

We work with numerous behaviorists to help us understand what to build and what the cat furniture will persuade cats to do. Giving your cat their own unique space on the wall promotes exercise and also provides them with thought provoking enrichment. To learn more about the importance of feline enrichment, check out our blog.

  • In 2018, a study by Pet Obesity Prevention showed that 59.5% of the cats in the US were overweight.
  • Without enrichment, cats can develop behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety, attention-seeking, urinating or defecating outside of the litter box, eating disorders, or other disorders like over-grooming or scratching.

Installation made easy

Our furniture is designed to be installed with little or no prior experience.

We’ve compiled a huge amount of resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation guide. Or learn about building an epic cat wall with our latest design tips.

Watch the video below to see the tools you will need to install your wall mounted cat bridge.

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Cats are complex creatures, and thrive in environments that best replicate wild behaviors. For our domesticated cats this means enhancing their quality of life by providing environments that stimulate their natural behavior. Behaviors such as foraging to eat, social contact, predatory outlets, climbing, and problem solving are all natural behaviors for cats.  Read More…

Cats love being up high and we like having the extra floor space. This concept has always made a lot of sense to us, so it’s been a lot of our focus as far as what to create. Cat’s also like having a safe space in your home. A space where they can look over the house and observe what’s going on high off the floor, or maybe just a space to take a stress free nap. To hear about some of the other benefits of cat wall furniture, check out our blog.

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