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Cat Bridges (for Walls)

cats lounging on cat bridge

The Roped Cat Bridge is made from solid bamboo, has heavy duty paracord connecting the slats, and your choice of twine or paracord used to create the railings. All of this allows the bridge to support a great deal of weight. Building a sturdy Cat Bridge was important to us because as the bridge length gets longer, more cats can fit along the span. The twine railing stabilizes the bridge while holding your cat in place for a more secure/majestic bridge nap. We don’t have any scientific proof that majestic bridge naps offer any health benefits, but we’re quite certain they produce better dreams.

Build a Homemade Cat Bridge Superhighway

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Wall-mounted Cat Bridges are a great addition to any cat wall. Connect a route across a doorway or window while giving your cat the best view in the house.

History of the Cat Bridge

cat lounging in cat bridge

The Roped Cat Bridge is the first cat furniture item we ever made. It was in 2013 and was inspired by trying to connect a cat wall playground across a doorway. After seeing how the cats reacted to it, we posted it online and it went pretty viral. At that point, it was called the Indiana Jones Cat Bridge and although that name was much better than, “Roped Cat Bridge”, we dropped the part of text that could lead to a lawsuit a couple of years into the business.

Our bridges are still one of our most popular items in the shop and they work really well to span across doorways. If you do go this route, beware of playful head bops from your cat as you walk underneath the bridge. We also suggest running these across windows, which provides an unbeatable lounging experience while providing a view of the outdoors through the window.

Benefits of a Cat Wall Bridge

Create the perfect area for your cat to observe, while lounging from above. This item typically becomes a quick favorite, because it encourages cats to climb up the wall each time they’re ready to rest, keeping them active and healthy. The best location to install a cat bridge is across a doorway or window to give your cat the best view in the home.

  • Help with stress and anxiety: If your cat lacks stimulation or opportunities to play, they may become stressed or anxious. Our cat bridge can provide a safe and exciting environment for cats to play, explore, and relax.
  • Saves space: Utilizing vertical space in your home with a cat bridge can be especially beneficial if you live in a small apartment or have limited space for your cat to play.
  • Provides a cozy spot: When a cat lays in the cat bridge, the slats form around its body, creating a comfortable space to lounge. The bridge rope offers support from the sides for your cat to brace their paws and makes the destination more safe and secure for a comfortable nap.
  • Durable and long-lasting: Made with high-quality materials, our cat bridge is designed to withstand daily use and last for years to come.
  • Stylish and customizable: Cat bridges come in various colors, lengths, and styles to best fit your home decor.
Cat sleeping on cat bridge

Design Layouts and Cat Bridge Walkway Lengths

We make these in a number of different ways. We have our Roped Cat Bridge, which is a bridge that spans between two mounting planks. With the modular design, these spans can be easily added onto most of our existing cat furniture. We also offer the Cat Bridge Lounge, which is composed of Cat Hammocks on either side of the bridge, or the Cat Bridge W/ Landings with Cat Shelves.

bridge examples

After choosing the version that best suits your cat, you can select a span length: (which is the measurement of the bridge span)

  • 34″ Bridge spanUses 3 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center. 
  • 50″ Bridge span – Uses 4 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center. 
  • 66″ Bridge spanUses 5 studs spaced at 16″ apart on center.

How to Choose a Railing for Cat Bridge Walkway

Twine (standard)

Twine is a nice option for cats that don’t chew on things. Our cats love itching their faces on the twine and prefer this version for that reason.

Photo of Onyx bridge roped with twine
Paracord (upgrade)
Onyx Bridge roped with paracord

We started offering a paracord upgrade for cats that like too chew on things. This has typically been kittens. It was a phase two of our four cats went through, but grew out of. We’ve never had a situation where a cat has chewed through the paracord. we believe that a lot of the reason for this is because it’s stronger and not as fun to chew on.

Perpendicular Cat Bridges

Attach any of our bridges to the slotted version of our Cat Shelves to create a perpendicular cat suspension bridge. This exciting new feature allows you to build away from the wall and to an adjacent wall. The perpendicular option is mostly designed for around corners or across hallways, but it opens many more other options, which we’ll highlight in a blog soon.

If you’re interested in creating a perpendicular cat bridge walkway, just select the “Slotted” option on either of these two listings and leave a note asking for the bolts required in your order comment:

cat bridge mounted perpendicularly on the wall

How to Install a Cat Bridge

Although our Cat Bridges are designed to be installed with little or no prior experience, it’s helpful to have prior experience using a power drill. Another thing that will help make your cat wall installation a breeze is having a second person assist during the process. 

Tools needed: power drill, stud finder, and pencil.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know to build the ultimate cat wall.  It’s always a good idea to review the process before starting your install, so please checkout our links and see the video bellow to get a full rundown on the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kittens tend to be incredibly brave and love the cat bridge. One issue we’ve seen in the past is if cats love chewing on rope, which kittens sometimes do, we suggest upgrading your bridge to have paracord roping. It’s less fun for cats to chew on and stronger then the twine option. 

Cat Bridges have always been one of our most popular items in the shop. The roping that runs along the sides is a major part of why we think cats enjoy the lounging experience on a bridge. It helps keep the bridge stable while walking across the span and also provides support while lounging. It keeps them from accidentally rolling off because it embraces their bodies while they nap.

This depends on the cat. But if you are worried about a cat getting stuck in the rope, we are working on an add-on that fastens to the roping to close off the gaps. If you’re interested in being the first to know when this launches, be sure to follow us on social media or join our newsletter.

The bridge platforms extend 11” out from the wall. The slats that span across have roping to create side walls and 9” wide walkway. We’ve made changes to the walkway width overtime, considering factors like having it wide enough to hold large cats and for most cats to be able to turn around, but slim enough for a cat to feel comfortable bracing against the rope for a nap.

A cat bridge is an excellent destination for a cat wall. If you’re considering install one over a doorway or window, we suggest starting with a cat bridge then adding cat shelves, scratching posts, or hammocks to create a route up and down from the bridge.

Please note that if you have multiple cats, it’s a very good idea to have a route down from either end of the bridge to avoid cats possibly getting cornered. Cat behaviorists always say that multiple routes are important, especially if you have cats that sometimes get into tiffs.

The cat bridges can hold 85 lbs on each mounting plank and 65 lbs in the span of the bridge. We’ve never topped the weight out or broken a bridge by overloading it because it’s hard to picture more than 65 lbs being on the bridge at a time.

We have a 30-day warranty on the furniture that covers any issues due to furniture functionality. It does not cover normal wear and tear by cats. Damage like scratches are expected over time because the furniture is ultimately made to be an outlet for cats to scratch and play on. Please keep in mind that we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service, and if you run into issues with the bridge, we’ll work with you outside the warranty period to do our best to help solve any issue. 

We haven’t personally witnessed any accidents on the cat bridge. Over the last 10 years we’ve sold thousands of cat bridges and haven’t heard of serious injuries occurring. With that said, please keep in mind that cats can fall off any of our furniture so keep that in mind when deciding on how high to install. Since every cat is different, there’s always a chance a cat can get hurt, but the same goes for cats climbing trees. If you’re providing that added enrichment to their lives, we feel like it’s worth the risk.

If you have a disabled or elderly cat, the cat bridge may not be the best fit if you’re mounting over a doorway or up too high on the wall. If you have multiple cats and want the bridge accessible only to the cats fit agile enough to go that high, please see our design tips for ideas on how to limit less agile cats from getting too high on the wall. One very simple option is to have the initial shelf up high enough off the floor to where only your most agile can access.

On occasions, we make custom length bridges that have been up to 100”. A worry that we have with creating them in extended lengths is that there will be more swaying the longer it gets. For the three lengths we offer, you will find very minimum swaying, and have never heard from customers where this is an issue.

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Cats love being up high and we like having the extra floor space. This concept has always made a lot of sense to us, so it’s been a lot of our focus as far as what to create. Cat’s also like having a safe space in your home. A space where they can look over the house and observe what’s going on high off the floor, or maybe just a space to take a stress free nap. To hear about some of the other benefits of cat wall furniture, check out our blog.

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FAST 2-day shipping on all of items—from catnip spray to cat condos

EASY returns on most orders if something's not quite right

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