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Create the ultimate cat wall with an array of different wall-mounted Cat Condos! We've concentrated mainly on wall options to help you expand your cat's habitat while freeing up floor space in your home. Promote a healthy and active lifestyle by elevating your cat's play area up the wall.

The modular design of our furniture allows you to tailor it to your cat's needs, and for tips on creating a custom layout or recommendations for cat trees suitable for large cats, please visit our Design Tips blog.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cat Condo?

There's really there's no difference between the terms cat condo, cat trees and cat towers. They're all essentially structures designed for cats to do the things they’re naturally inclined to do in the wild such as scratching, climbing, playing, and napping. A downside to many cat trees is that they can often take up floor space and are typically made without your home’s décor in mind. 

We focus on solving this issue with our line of modern cat trees by creating designs which are installed into the wall to create an elevated space for cats.

Cats naturally love to be up high. You may have noticed your own cat searching for the highest vantage point in your home by climbing on your counters, cabinets, or furniture. Wall-mounted Cat Condos increase your cat's space in your apartment or house and keep them active in a way that feels natural to them.

What are the best Cat Trees for large cats?

Our cat playgrounds are designed to accommodate cats of all sizes! We keep both space and functionality in mind when designing each Cat Tree.

These are some suggestions for the best cat condos for those large tabbies:

How do you introduce a cat to a cat condo?

Many cats take to the furniture quickly and naturally. Some cats may need more time to adjust to the new structure in their environment. Cats can be thrown off by even the smallest changes, such as rearranging your living room furniture or adding items to your space. With time your cat will become comfortable with change; it just takes some love and support from you!

It’s always best to give your cat time to acclimate to their cat tree wall. We don’t recommend forcing your cat onto anything.

It’s best to persuade them with positive reinforcements like treats, catnip, and petting them once they’re up. If they have a negative experience on the furniture, they are more likely to have a negative association with the furniture. It is extremely important to help your cat feel comfortable and safe on the wall. You know your cat best, and we recommend leaning into your cat's interests and needs to help them explore the Cat Condo.

What is the optional Leaf Shelf?

The Leaf Shelf is an addition to the Vertical Scratching Pole. They are small platforms that are staggered between the sisal segments. Leaf Shelves add another path to your layout and provide more spots for your cat to perch. 

The standard Vertical Scratching Pole will include bamboo discs that help hold the sisal segments in place. The Leaf Shelf will replace these couplings.

Can the Sisal Mat be removed and washed?

The Sisal Mats are attached to the floor-standing Cat Trees with velcro. You can remove them to clean. We recommend diluted sanitizer or gentle soap to wipe down the surface with a cloth. 

What if the intended layout doesn’t fit my space?

Our furniture is modular and will arrive disassembled. This means you can modify your layout so that it perfectly fits your space! You can easily rearrange your items or combine them to create a personalized Condo for your wall.

Some modifications may require additional hardware or components. You can find all of our individual pieces by following this link to our Replacement Parts collection.

For a common example, if you choose to stack two bamboo pieces (Shelf, Bridge, etc.) on the same Mounting Plank, you will need our long furniture bolts.

If you have plans to customize your layout and you are not sure if you will need any extra pieces, feel free to contact our support team. We can take a look at your changes and make sure you receive all necessary components.

Can I order replacement fabric for my Condo?

Individual fabric sections are available for purchase here. We offer several color selections, as well as a limited run fabric in unique patterns, so you are free to change the look of your furniture as you want or need!

Are the food bowls and planters included?

If you order a Planter or Feeder, the planter pot or food dishes will be included. This goes for any listing that includes this item such as a Feeder Shelf/Hammock, or any Condo with this element. We also sell Feeder Dishes and Planter Pots by themselves if you are looking for replacements. 

Can I switch the Planters for Feeders or vice versa?

You can definitely swap out your Planter for a Feeder! The modular design makes this change super easy. Some listings will give you the option to choose which attachment you’d like. If you do not see this option for the product you are interested in, email our support team letting us know which product you’d like to modify and we will help you get the items you want for your Condo. 

Planters and Feeders can also be added to any layout. If you would like the Planter or Feeder without a Mounting Plank so that you can attach it to an existing mounting point, you can find the materials you need here.

Are wall-mounted Cat Trees and Condos safe?

It’s always possible that your cat could fall from any cat furniture. Luckily, cats are incredibly resilient to falling; cats are known for their quick reflexes and being able to land on their feet.

In the wild, cats have a wide variety of enrichment options, like climbing trees or hunting prey, that they don’t typically have indoors. Climbing and scratching are important and natural behaviors for cats and providing your cat with an indoor cat playground is an excellent outlet for them to replicate those activities.

Please keep in mind that you know your cat and their abilities best. It is important to be attentive to your cat's needs when you decide how high up on the wall the cat wall playground will be installed.

If your cat is elderly or has health issues that limit their movements or balance, then we highly suggest installing furniture only high enough to where you’re comfortable with them jumping down from.

How do you fix a wobbly Cat Condo?

If you notice that any portion of your cat playground is wobbly, most of the time it’s due to a Mounting Plank not being installed into a wall stud.

Securing the Mounting Planks to the wall stud is crucial for a secure, stable installation.

Solid bamboo Shelves can be installed using one wall stud and one set of drywall anchors. The solid bamboo has a sturdier hold than our fabric or single-stud items. Please note that we include these drywall anchors for our shelves, but we do not include them with the Cat Condos, because those are designed to fit either a 16” stud spacing or 24” stud spacing.

If your Mounting Plank is “bouncy,” as in the front end moves up and down, this is typically caused by the bottom screw not being installed with the plank flush to the wall. Simply remove the bottom screw, pull the plank downward to make it flush to the wall, and then re-install the screw with the plank held into place. 

If you have any other issues or concerns, we’re eager to help solve those; please don’t hesitate to chat us on the site or contact us explaining the issue. Pictures always help us! Please include those in your message.

Is a Cat Tree Condo hard to clean?

Not at all! Clean any of the bamboo parts without removing them from the wall by wiping with a damp cloth and a slightly diluted soap/water mixture.

The Cat Hammocks can be easily removed and washed by hand or on a gentle cycle with cold water. To dry and remove wrinkles, we’ve found that reattaching the fabric to the cat tree and letting it dry stretched out works best.

Do not put the canvas sections in the dryer; since they are cotton, they have a tendency to shrink if exposed to heat.

Check out our blog on cleaning your cat tree for more advice on the matter!

What’s the difference between a Cat Tree and a Cat Condo?

There really isn’t a difference between the two words, at least that we have found. We use both terms in our listings so that our furniture options will come up for pet parents searching for either term.

Cat Tree/Condo Benefits

There are many benefits to providing a cat with their own space, and a luxury cat condo is a great way to combine a range of activities in one location. Since cats love to climb and be up high, we’ve designed most of our unique cat trees to be installed on the wall to create a cat wall tree. Working with behavioral experts, we’ve keyed into the most important aspects to include and received input on what to change within the wall-mounted cat trees. Without feline enrichment, cats can develop behavioral problems and health issues like obesity due to inactivity.

White and calico cat stares at camera while drinking. In the background, an orange and white cat climbs down from the opposite side of the shelf.

Are Cat Condos Good For Cats?

We work with numerous behavior experts who help us understand what to build and how certain aspects affect the cat using the Cat Towers. Providing your cat with their own unique space on the wall helps promote exercise and allows them to have a space that’s all theirs, out of reach from perceived dangers. It creates a relaxing place for your cat to eat, scratch, lounge, and play. Curious about the importance of feline enrichment? Please check out our blog to learn more.

Cat Tree/Condo Design and Functionality

We design these cat wall playgrounds by mounting different combinations of cat furniture and seeing how our cats like them. We only move forward with the layouts they like. Early on, we figured out that our cats typically take the most convenient path up to the top of the cat furniture. In order to promote feline exercise, we keep this in mind by creating more complex routes up and down our cat climbing towers. To learn more about cat wall furniture and some of the benefits, please check out our “Why Cat Walls?” blog.

Showcasing the various sizes and designs you can build with the Crow's Nest Cat Tree

How to Choose the Right Cat Condo

When choosing the best cat tree, it's always a good idea to first find out what type of wall you have. In the US, most walls are made with drywall attached to wooden framing called wall studs. But other walls are also made of concrete, brick, and cement. 

If you have drywall, then it’s important to find out your wall stud spacing. Most common in the US is 16” on center, the next most common is 24”, and we have options for both. You will need to know your specifications prior to installation as additional materials/hardware may be required to ensure the furniture is securely mounted to the wall.

Are You Using the Modern Cat Tower to Assist in Solving a Behavioral Issue?

If you’re trying to solve an issue with cats in your home, please contact us for suggestions on which model we feel would work the best.

Kittens on Juggernaut Cat Condo

How Long Should Cat Trees/Condos Last?

Our modern cat trees are modular and made from sustainable bamboo, which is very strong and resistant to damage.  

Parts that experience heavy usage, like Scratching Poles, are made into sections so they may be easily switched out once they are worn down. Our scratching poles have the sisal rope adhered to the pole, which extends the life of the pole by helping to prevent the rope from slipping down over time.

Kittens on The Crossroads

How Big Should a Cat Tree/Condo Be?

Some helpful things to consider:

  • How much wall space do you have available? Measure your wall first and consider choosing a wall that’s located in an area people often gather. Most cats are social and prefer areas like living rooms where they’re still able to keep an eye on you.
  • How many cats do you have? If you have multiple cats, consider getting them a space with multiple areas to lounge and also multiple routes up and down the structure to avoid possible altercations between cats. 
  • What’s your budget? If you’re constrained by budget, a nice option would be to get something small like a cat hammock. With the modular design, you can always build onto the furniture to expand into a cat playground at a later date.  We also have Pay Later options available where you make monthly payments.
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We work with some really knowledgeable cat behavior experts

Our furniture is designed to encourage cats to live a healthy life by promoting exercise and replicating enrichment sources they would have access to in the wild
Meet the experts

How to Mount Cat Trees on the Wall

The wall-mounted Cat Trees come with paper instructions that walk you through the process step by step. Although we don’t yet have video instructions for mounting the wall Cat Trees, we do have them for the individual pieces that are combined to make them.

Video Mounting Instructions

We’ve compiled a huge amount of resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation Guide. Or learn useful tips to allow you to build a custom Cat Condo of your own with our blog on Design Tips.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

tools icon

Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

lightbulb icon

Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

This cat jungle gym was easy to install and our cat just loves it. He's a humongous cat, so the sturdiness of the jungle gym gives us peace of mind that he's safe and secure up there.

Christine M.

Verified Buyer

Cats on cat condos

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