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When you have a large kitty, finding the best cat tree for them can be challenging. The right cat tree for big cats will both fit their large bodies and have the functionality to meet them where their capabilities are. Since over 60% of cats in the US are overweight, it’s especially important that these cats are still getting exercise and we have plenty of options for them. These are some great options that focus on safety, cat tree height, and accessibility in mind. 

We have large cat condos specifically designed with your large cats in mind, and with the modular functionality, you can attach multiple furniture parts together and space them further apart on the wall to create a comfortable space for your plus-sized feline friend.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cats can use a cat tree at the same time?

The number of cats that can use a cat tree simultaneously depends on the model and the size of the cats. It's important to choose a cat tree with multiple perching areas and routes to accommodate several cats. We've compiled a selection of wall-mounted cat trees designed for multiple cats, available in various sizes. Once properly installed into wall studs, concrete, or brick, they are rated to support an excessive amount of weight, so that's not a factor.

How much weight can a cat tree support?

Our cat trees are designed to hold an impressive amount of weight, making them suitable for large cats. Given that they are installed on the wall, it is crucial for them to be sturdy and secure. The modular cat trees are mounted using planks, with each mounting plank capable of supporting 65 lbs (29 kg). Since many of our cat trees have five or more mounting planks, they can collectively support hundreds of pounds. In the last 10 years, we've never heard of an instance where the weight limit has been exceeded by house cats.

Do large cats need a large cat tree?

Large cats need a comfortable environment to accommodate their large bodies. Use the modular furniture to space out our hammocks and shelves to make extra room to best suite your large cat.

how can i make my extra large cat tree more stable?

Many cat trees on the market are made from inexpensive materials and held together with bolts. These models are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for shipping or moving, but they tend to become wobbly over time. We haven't encountered instances of this issue with our cat trees, so please contact us prior to either of these tips:

Wood Screws: If you have a cat tree that your cat loves but is becoming unstable, you might want to add wood screws. To prevent the boards from splitting, start by predrilling each hole before inserting the screws.

Wood Glue: Another option is to take the cat tree apart and reassemble it using wood glue at the platform touch points. Wood glue offers a cleaner look since it won't be visible, but keep in mind that this method makes future disassembly difficult.

Where is the best place to put a cat tree?

Cats love to observe the outdoors and tend to perch in areas where they have the best view of the comings and goings of the household.

For cat scratching poles, we suggest installing them in an area where the cat can easily approach from the ground to scratch. This is especially important if you're using the scratching poles to correct unwanted behavior, such as a cat scratching unsuitable furniture like a couch. Placing the cat tree near a window or in a busy area of the house will keep your cat entertained and happy.

What are the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats?

When shopping for a cat tree for large cats, it's important to ensure that it meets specific criteria to provide safety, comfort, and entertainment for your feline friend. Large cats require sturdy, well-constructed trees that can support their weight and withstand vigorous play. Additionally, the design should accommodate their size and offer ample space for climbing, lounging, and scratching. To help you make an informed decision, here are some key features to look for when selecting a cat tree for your large cat.

Large / Customizable Spacing

Providing a cat tree with ample space is crucial to accommodate a large cat's body comfortably. Our patented modular design allows the furniture to be customized, creating unique cat trees for large cats which can be tailored to your cat's unique size and capabilities.

Solid Wood Frame

Because larger cats come with extra weight, it's important to find a cat tree which will remain sturdy as weight is applied over time. This may depend on how it's assembled and the quality of materials.

Our solid wood cat trees for large cats

Made from solid bamboo, cold-rolled steel and a heavyweight canvas. The parts are held together with metal fittings to prevent parts from loosening after regular use. solid wood cat trees for large cats

Incentivize Your Large Cat to Use Their Tall Cat Tree

Showing your cat that their new area is safe and fun can be a task. A great way to start is by luring them onto the furniture with treats or toys to show them that good things happen in this area. Once they are on the furniture, reinforce this positive behavior by petting them and letting them know they did a good job. Over time, your cat will associate the area with positive experiences.

Kate Wilson is a valued family member of the company and possesses extensive knowledge about feline enrichment. At home, she has a cat wall where she strategically places treats around the furniture, encouraging her cats to go on hunting expeditions throughout the day. If they get bored, her cats will explore the different surfaces to check if they missed any treats on their first pass. Additionally, she occasionally hides treats when they aren’t looking, ensuring they frequently find something and stay active throughout the day.

cat climbing on cat wall furniture

Large Cat Tree Design and Functionality

When considering large cat tree design and functionality, several key factors should be taken into account to ensure comfort and safety. Look for materials such as high-quality wood or durable sisal rope that can withstand scratching and climbing without easily wearing down. Additionally, the design should offer ample space for lounging, climbing, and stretching, with multiple platforms, perches, and hideaways to accommodate the natural behaviors of cats.

Functionality is key – choose a cat tree that includes scratching posts, toys, and other interactive elements to keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically active. By prioritizing these aspects in the design and functionality you can create, safe and unique cat trees for large cats to play and relax.

bamboo mounting plank for cat furniture
  • Solid Bamboo Frame: Crafted from sustainable bamboo for durability. Easy to clean without removing from the wall.
  • Cold-Rolled Steel Brackets: Patented steel brackets provide exceptional strength, 20% stronger than standard steel.
  • Easy Accessibility: Consideration for accessibility is paramount when designing large cat trees. Cats of varying sizes, whether long-bodied or heavy, require thoughtful accommodation. Obese cats, in particular, face mobility challenges and necessitate easier routes for navigation. Minimizing the risk of falls is crucial, as overweight cats are more susceptible to injuries.

cat shelves with large amounts of weight on them

Heavy Duty Cat Trees for Large Cats

Once securely installed in a wall, our cat trees can support impressive weights: 85 lbs per mounting plank and 65 lbs per hammock. Our unique mounting system uses patented brackets installed above the mounting plank. When weight is applied, it pushes the bottom of the plank back toward the wall, creating a rock-solid platform. This ensures sturdy cat trees for large cats.

fabric close up to show stitching quality

Durable Cat Hammocks

Our Cat Trees feature modular parts, including hammock sections crafted from heavy-weight duck canvas. In our latest design, set to launch this summer, we've enhanced durability by adding a double layer of canvas sewn on the ends, providing extra support for the grommets.

cat shelves with traction options

Non-Slip Surface Options

Obese or elderly cats may struggle with agility and coordination compared to more active counterparts. To address this, our cat trees feature bamboo surfaces finished with a rougher sanding to enhance traction. Additionally, we offer options such as Cork with an adhesive backing or sisal rugs, both secured with Velcro, which have proven popular for adding a non-slip surface to our cat trees.

How to Choose the Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Some cats have very large frames that won’t fit into standard cat furniture, yet they can keep up with average-sized cats in terms of agility. Others may need special accommodations due to being overweight or obese. With your vet’s suggestions in mind and an understanding of your cat’s limitations, cat trees can be designed specifically for large cats.

Since the furniture recommendations would be very different for these two body types, we've split our top suggestions into those for obese cats and those for cats with tall frames.

obese cat standing next to a cat tree

Cat Trees for Extra Large Cats (Obese)

These options are based on a cat who has a large body and isn't able to get around as well as cats of a healthy weight. Another thing we take into account is keeping the furniture relativity close to the ground in the case of a fall. Obese and elderly cats are typically more prone to falling because of a lower level of coordination. They also have a higher chance of getting injured from a fall, so don't install higher than you are comfortable with them jumping down from.

Best Floor Cat Tree Option For Heavy Cats

Our Grotto cat tree is a great cat tree option for obese or elderly cats because it stays low to the ground and is easy to very navigate. It creates two different heavy canvas enclosures and then has a top hammock which still stays less than 3 feet from the ground. This unique cat tree has extra large 16" wide hammocks specifically sized for wide bodies.

Cat Tree Wall Options For Heavy Cats

We recommend limiting the height an obese cat access to avoid them going too high on the wall. We have cat tree options specifically designed to help block routes to cats who are not agile or thin enough to access the higher levels.

Another option is to piece furniture shown below together and install the furniture near the ground.

Tall Cat Trees for Large Cats

Finding the perfect cat tree for your tall feline companion can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. Our top recommendations are specially designed to cater to the needs of extra large and tall cats. These cat trees offer ample space, sturdy construction, and thoughtful features to ensure your big kitty can climb, lounge, and play comfortably and safely. Explore our curated selection to discover the best options for your tall cat’s unique needs.

Best Floor Cat Tree Option For Tall Cats

The Overlook was specifically designed with large cats in mind. Featuring an extra tall and spacious area with a plush pad, it provides ample room for your big feline to lounge comfortably. To reach the highest level, your cat must either climb the scratching pad or make a 20" jump. This design ensures that only cats without disabilities or obesity can access the highest perch, adding an extra layer of safety for those who might struggle with mobility.

Cat Tree Wall Options For Tall Cats

Consider a large cat tree composed of multiple sections like the Garden. Large cats enjoy this layout because it offers many different routes and activities for scratching, climbing, playing, and lounging. With four locations to hide behind plants, this option also creates an effective playtime area. Since the Garden

consists of four different areas mounted near each other, you can move these sections around on your wall to best suit your cat's height and jumping ability.

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We work with some really knowledgeable cat behavior experts

Our furniture is designed to encourage cats to live a healthy life by promoting exercise and replicating enrichment sources they would have access to in the wild
Meet the experts

How to Install Large Cat Trees for Big Cats

When installing a large cat tree for your hefty feline friend, there are a few key considerations to ensure safety and comfort:

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that each piece of furniture is securely mounted into wall studs, cement, or brick walls. This provides the necessary support for larger cats..
  • Height Adjustments: Take advantage of our modular design to adjust the height of the furniture to suit your cat’s size. Large cats might prefer lower heights to jump comfortably, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Spacing and Accessibility: Ensure there is enough space between the different pieces of furniture for your cat to move around easily. Larger cats need more room to navigate, so plan your layout accordingly.
  • Comfort and Safety: Consider adding non-slip mats or padding to the surfaces of the furniture. This provides additional comfort and safety, especially for
    larger cats who might need extra grip and cushioning.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can create a safe and enjoyable environment for your large cat to explore and relax in.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

My cats really love their wall structure. I love how stable and eye pleasing it is. The company was very helpful when I was putting it up. I would make this purchase again.

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Cats on cat condos

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