Cat Furniture That Evokes Feline Instinct

At Catastrophic Creations, our goal is to raise the bar higher for cat furniture by coming up with unconventional and innovative designs and ideas we haven’t yet seen in the industry.

Build an engaging jungle gym for your cat to provide enrichment and the many health and behavioral benefits of having their own space.

Design Tips

We cover things like where to start, which room to use, and a lot of different tips and tricks to make the most out of your walls.


We design concepts which spark conversation in any home.

Built To Last

This new collection of wall-mounted cat furniture has been meticulously engineered to be the strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. Our new, sleek design comes along with with many functional upgrades, including a third stabilizing screw from underneath each shelf.


Featured Felines

We want to give a Big Thank You to all of our outstanding customers; we wish you and your companions the best.

Purrfect Gift Cards

Gift cards always always come in handy, especially for those last minute presents! Introduce your friend’s cat(s) to a catastrophic environment! Gift cards can be used to purchase any of our cat furniture.

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