The Huffington Post

We want to give a big thanks to Abigail Williams who was nice enough to write up a piece on our shop for The Huffington Post. This is absolutely huge for us; we can't thank her enough.


Thank you, Cosmopolitan, for letting us in your gift guide!! And for not putting us in the fail column… which we would still be very excited about.

Homes & Hues

Homes and Hues had a list of 20 wonderful pieces of cat furniture and we were lucky enough to have two of our pieces included. We were grateful to have two of our pieces featured.

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Mario Cat Complex

Bored Panda

Being on Boredpanda was great. They reached out to us about writing something for the Chain Chomp cat bed, and we we’re lucky enough to end up at the top of the popular section. Thanks Boredpanda!

Trend Hunter

A very kind review of our Indiana Jones Cat Bridge, which came in at number one on their list.


Pinar of distractify included our Chain Chomp cat bed in a list made of “37 Pet Accessories Every Super Geek Must Own” The list was later posted on Facebook by George Takei of Star Trek. Very Exciting!

Metro UK

Metro has been way too kind to us over the years. They've been so kind to write 3 different articles featuring us. They are a big reason for why we have a strong following in the UK. Which is why the UK is the first place we've expanded to outside of the US with Amazon UK.

Cat Drinking Fountain - This was one of the pieces of furniture we made when we were still building furniture from our home. Thanks to Hannah Gale for the nice article.

Chain Chomp Cat Bed - This has been one of our most viral pieces of furniture. We only made one of these. Thanks Oliver McAteer for the article!

This is a recent article by Miranda Larbi on our very first piece of furniture we made and the piece that really started the shop. Thanks Miranda!

Owned By A Sphynx Magazine

This was our very first time in print. Huge thanks to the folks at owned by a sphynx magazine for the kind write up.


Chain Chomp did really really well on Imgur. With more then 500,000 views. Thank you so much TheCrookedStep for posting this!


A nice review from UPROXX on our Indiana Jones Cat Bridge.

Irish Examiner

A really nice review on the shop. Thank you!

Home Harmonizing!

Dattatreya Mandal wrote a great review on our Cat Bunker


Our Super Mario Complex getting some love from writer Amanda Kooser. Thank you  


Huge thanks to Kevin Melrose for the Chain Chomp write up!

The Guardian

This is the only post that wasn’t an actual write up on the shop, but one on the show we did at CatConLA. Just because The Guardian mentioned us, I wanted to include the article. Thank you so much!

Dude I Want That

Dude I want that has been another site that’s showed us a lot of love. They’ve included 3 of our items on their awesome site. I built a wooden drinking fountain, thinking it would blow up on the internet…. The only review I got was from dude I want that and I’m pretty sure they’re making fun of us. But any press is good press. So thank you.

Daily Mail

Daily mail was a huge mile stone for us. Thank you so much!

Cats on the Job

Cats on the Job by Lisa Rogak is a collection of photos and stories of cats around the world who earn their keep. The book features Heisenberg, Ickle, and Lylah as Furniture Tester Cats.

Geeks are Sexy

Thank you to the folks at Geeks are sexy for writing about our Super Mario cat complex!

Shut Up And Take My Yen

Getting a future in shut up and take my yen makes us feel incredibly International. Thank you


Big thanks to Ausretrogamer for helping spread the word about our Mario Complex!

Viral Nova

Getting written up in Viralnova was huge for us! Madeline Distasio wrote a really nice piece on our Mario Complex. Thank you!

The San Francisco Globe

We we’re blown away to see we got a write up from The San Francisco Globe. Thank you! Thank you! 

Design Taxi

This was an awfully nice write up by Azira Amran for Design Taxi. We really appreciate the love. Thanks! 


Huge thanks to People and to Kelli Bender for writing a really nice article! 

New York Times

Huge thanks to Caroline Biggs for including us in her beautifully written article in The New York Times. It's about people outfitting their homes to give their pets their own area and we were absolutely honored to be used in the cat portion.

If you would like to check out Jill's wall for her cat Forestwind Wendelyn aka Nadia mentioned in the article, here's a link to the page we put together.

Cultura Colectiva+

This is a video that Cultura Colectiva+ made for us and posted on their Facebook page. We love how the video turned out and wanted to share. Huge thanks to them for taking the time to put this together.