Cat Scratching Pole (Wall-Mounted)

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Pole Height
Pole Shelf Upgrade
  • Wall-mounted to free up your floor space
  • Hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look
  • Weight tested: 85 lbs per shelf
  • Designed to mount into 1 stud
  • Easy to navigate mounting instructions
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Technical Details

10 lbs


Width: 9"-26" (23 cm-66cm)
Height: 30" (76 cm)
Depth: 11" (28 cm)

Width: 9"-26" (23 cm-66cm)
Height: 44" (112 cm)
Depth: 11" (28 cm)

Width: 9"-26" (23 cm-66cm)
Height: 58" (147 cm)
Depth: 11" (28 cm)

Included Components

16-inch Stud Spacing


  • Pole Sections x 2
  • Pole Coupling x 1
  • Mounting Plank Bottoms x 2
  • Pole Top Platform x 1
  • Pole Bottom Platform x 1


  • Pole Sections x 3
  • Pole Coupling x 2
  • Mounting Plank Bottoms x 2
  • Pole Top Platform x 1
  • Pole Bottom Platform x 1


  • Pole Sections x 4
  • Pole Coupling x 3
  • Mounting Plank Bottoms x 2
  • Pole Top Platform x 1
  • Pole Bottom Platform x 1
Materials Used
  • Bamboo
  • Cardboard
  • Sisal Rope
  • Plastic
  • Steel Hardware
Stud Spacing
  • Single Stud
Bobtail cat climbs onto first level of Deluxe 3-tier Sisal Pole. Pictured in Natural.

Cat Scratching Pole (Wall-Mounted)

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About: Cat Scratching Pole (Wall-Mounted)

The Scratching Pole is a must-have for any Cat Wall! Scratching is a natural behavior for cats and is crucial for cat health. A Sisal Pole is the perfect solution for a cat’s scratching and climbing needs. You can add mobility with our Scratching Pole Leaf Shelves. These Leaf Shelves offer extra options for creating paths up and down the pole for your cat. You can also rotate the Leaf Shelves to create a new and enticing pathway! The Scratching Pole can be installed on its own or incorporated into a larger layout. With its segmented design, you can choose your height. We offer a 2-Tier, 3-Tier, and 4-Tier Scratching Pole. 

We suggest mounting these near the floor so your cat has easy access to scratch the pole easily from a seated or standing position or use as a quick route up the wall.

The Scratching Pole is designed to be mounted into one wall stud, making them a great option if you have limited horizontal space or inconsistent wall stud spacing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Gets the job done.

If not for a couple of gripes I would give this item 5 stars. But for the price of this item I expected a little better quality. The instructions are vague for installation/putting together and the video linked in them only explains the anchoring process, nothing more. The twine on the pole sections is not tight or attached securely. The two main sections my cats use to climb this pulled down and gaped the first time they used it. My cat trees (from another company) have never had this issue. The twine stays in place no matter how many times they climb and scratch. The platforms also move a bit when in use and can smack against your wall no matter how tight you tighten things down. My fix for this was adhesive foam bumpers that I had laying around that I put on the edges of the platforms that make contact with the wall. It has prevented damage and the noise.

However the main purpose of this item was to give my cats a way up and down that wasn't awkward for them to climb or descend from their wall shelving. Which it is doing wonderfully and it has been very sturdy so far aside from the twine. It is the best options out there for this as far as I am concerned. Many are not designed with the actual use in mind and can be awkward or hard for cats to actually use. But not this one, the design was thought through for cats to comfortably use this. So overall I am happy with this purchase, but dropped one star for the above mentioned issues.

Hi Cigi,

Thanks for the review and kind words! Sorry that you experienced these issues. We'll reach out to you via email today to get a replacement order going for those Scratching Pole Segments - we agree, they shouldn't get loose like that so quickly!


Gabe Blauer
Catastrophic Creations

Tresa Horney
We love it

Well made and nice to look at. Easy to hang and put together. Now we need to convince our cats to use it :)

Hi Tresa,Than you for sharing your feedback and photo with us! We are happy to hear that the Scratching Pole has been a nice addition to your space. Some cats may need a little bit of time to acclimate to the furniture, but we have seen success with the use of toys, treats, catnip, or anything that can be a positive reinforcement. This can help them to relate the area to good things. Please let us know if we can help with anything!-Alex M

Megan Davis
Great Product, Instructions are Confusing

I want to start off by saying I purchased multiple items to create a custom built wall. I bought this along with canvas, floating shelves etc. The box was a little beat up when it got here but the products inside were fine and look great. The biggest issue I had (the reason for 4, not 5 stars) was that the instructions were confusing. When I ordered multiple items, it came with multiple bags but none of the parts are labelled so I was partially guessing which bags went with which and used the pictures to denote what # corresponded to what number. I think if the bag labels could include the part numbers it would go along way to clarifying the confusion I had. Also a small thing that would be nice (though this didn't impact my review). Some companies (like with decking boards) are moving away from standard screws to hex screws, the reason for this is they are much harder to strip. When we were installing the mounts we did run into a few studs that were hard and came close to stripping the screws. I know that hex screws are more expensive to produce / stock, so I'm not taking any points off for that. But I think in the future I'll consider buying hex screws instead of using the baseline item provided.Overall:Would Recommend To Friends: YesCat Loves it: YesWould Buy Again: Yes4/5

Great high quality product all around

I was skeptical about spending this much for a piece of cat furniture, but after getting it installed, I can say the price premium is absolutely worth it.Easy to build. Easy to mount. Sturdy enough to hold up to our large-ish, high energy cat who runs and launches himself onto it. The included tools are FAR better than anything else I have ever ordered that came with tools included. The screwdriver bit is even magnetic. Excellent stuff. Packaging was also very thoughtful--everything was packaged with obvious care. There was even free cat nip in the package. Will definitely order more pieces in the future.

Hi Sarah,Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us! We are happy to hear that the quality of our furniture and the customer experience was able to meet or exceed expectations. We hope that your cat has fun with their new Scratching Pole and we look forward to seeing what you add in the future! Alex M

Stephen Dukich
Great "elevator"

The deluxe scratching post filled the need I had. I wanted a compact way to allow the cats to get from the ground up to the empty space above the closet. It is pretty sturdy with 3 sections but adding a 4th makes it wobble to much so I wish I had not added an extra section. I have 2 mainecoons and while they can go up and down fairly easily the shelves are honestly a little to small for them as they've almost tumbled off a few times. The cork backing stickers make a big different but when they jump from landing to landing it's like they're on a diving board when they bounce up to the next level.

Quality of materials, included instructions, hardware, tools, etc are all top notch. I will be buying more things for a different room in the house in the future.

Thank you for leaving another review with us Stephen, we are happy to see your adorable cats enjoying their Scratching Post! Sometimes the wobbling can be caused by the furniture not being installed into studs directly.

If you need any help or recommendations for your other room please reach back out to us and we will gladly assist!

Connor Smethers
Customer Service

Andrea Weaver
Happy cat!

Our one year old Burmese loves it!
We have it in conjunction with a series of shelves and the canvas ladder. Our cat loves to scratch it
and loves sitting on the top of the pole.
Great fun!!
The only thing we have had to do is get different screws with threads that go all the way to the head of the screws. The ones that come with it don’t, and they don’t have enough grab into the drywall.

That is great to hear Andrea, we are happy that our products have added some more excitement to your cat's environment! As far as the hardware to install the furniture, all of our products are designed to be installed directly into a stud, if you have any questions about how to install your furniture into an abnormal stud spacing or drywall, please email us at and we will gladly assist!

Connor Smethers
Customer Service

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Stud spacing and wall construction

Most construction in the US is made up of drywall over wall studs, which are wooden or metal 2x4s that act as the frame of the wall and are what the drywall is attached to. Because these studs are very sturdy, we’ve designed the furniture to be installed into them. They’re typically spaced out at 16” from center to center, so that’s what we’ve designed the furniture to accommodate.

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cat lounging on a cat hammock with bridge
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