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The Story of Our Cat Furniture Company

2013 bubble

Our First Cat

Catastrophic Creations started way back in 2013 after we brought our first cat, Ickle, home. As we were outfitting our home for him, we started noticing that a lot of the furniture out there looked very similar and a bit outdated. So we started playing around with some unconventional ideas and making them ourselves. At that time,we were building the furniture from our third story apartment, waiting to run our miter saw and sander after our downstairs neighbor went to work.

mike and megan and their cat ickle
spare bedroom that functioned as the first cata workshop
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More Crazy Ideas

After that, we continued to come up with crazy furniture ideas and shared them online.

original mario cat condo with three cats
the cat bi plane with two cats

First Product

The first piece we built was an Indiana Jones-style Cat Bridge and after we posted photos of it online, they went viral. Still today, if you Google “cat bridge” our furniture is the first result.


cata original indiana jones cat bridge with cat sleeping on it
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Location 2 - The Fire Hazard

Our second woodshop/staining booth was a one-car garage, nicknamed “the fire hazard.” It was covered in sawdust and heated with an electric space heater. After a couple of months, we realized this wasn’t sustainable (or safe) and moved into a two-car garage.

garage in the snow that functioned as an old workshop
workshop interior with tools and supplies
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Location 3 - Two car garage

In 2014, we moved into a townhouse with a two car garage. We had doubled the size of our workshop and business was picking up. We were making frequent trips to Home Depot to load up on lumber. We liked Home Depot because they would cut the wood for free and this was important because we were transporting it in a 2-door Honda Civic.

megan sitting with a large stack of wood

Megan posing in front of what was our largest score of lumber to date. (Home Depot was having a sale)

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Location 4 - First Commercial Space

In 2015, we moved into our first 1,600sq ft commercial space. I remember moving in and feeling like we would never need all that space, but we moved into another location twice the size within a year. The big issue with this space was that our wood shop, assembly and packaging area were all in the same warehouse, so before wrapping up the finished products we would have to take a brush and try to get as much sawdust as you could off first.


interior of the first larger cata workshop
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In 2016, my childhood best friend Gabe Blauer joined us as the third owner of the business. He’s been with us since before we moved into a commercial space and has been instrumental in the operational side of the business.

leaders megan, mike, and gabe

5th Location - 4,000 sq ft

We really liked this space because it was two warehouses next to each other, so we could keep the sawdust off of our finished products. We were here for a few years, but ended up running out of space. By the time we moved out, we had 20 employees and 8 designated parking spaces, so the parking lot was like Tetris, but with cars.



warehouse interior with shelves holding stacks of wood
overhead view of the assembly area interior
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Current space: 12,000 sqf

megan standing in empty warehouse interior

Current Shipping Area

shipping area in the warehouse with a stack of boxes on a cart
shipping staging area in the warehouse
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Cats have sort of taken over our lives. We have four of them at home and their day time job is to test the furniture concepts to help make sure they’re functional and appealing. We typically leave prototypes on our walls for around two weeks. If they aren’t using it or having trouble with certain aspects, we change those or ditch the idea altogether. In 2018, a survey came out that an estimated 60% of cats in the US were overweight, so it’s very important to be sure you are providing enrichment and outlets for daily exercise. We feel incredibly lucky to have landed in a career where we’re able to help provide a solution.

cat sitting on cat condo and looking down with a perplexed expression
cats in a living room full of cat furniture

Bronson's Weight loss Journey

Our newest member of the family is a 33-pound tabby named Bronson we adopted in April 2018. He seemed like the perfect addition to our home because it was obvious he wasn’t getting exercise, was under-stimulated and in need of some big life changes. 

bronson at one of his largest sizes laying down in a cat bed potato
bronson with megan and mike, thumb out

We’ve had him on an Instagram weight loss journey and today he’s lost over a third of his body weight and is much more active and happy then when we first brought him home.

megan holding large bronson
overweight bronson next to a weightloss bronson

Starting a social media account for him has been a really nice experience. It’s not only helped hold us accountable for his weight loss, but it’s also brought together a whole community of wonderful people interested in feline health and weight loss. His fans have given us a lot of great ideas to help Bronson lose weight and have been cheering him on along the way. If you would like to follow his weight loss journey, it’s @iambronsoncat on Instagram.

After 10 years, Megan and Mike ended up separating in 2020. They remain close friends and are still working key positions in the company.