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Acclimating Your Cat to Use a Cat Tree & Cat Wall

Banner showing Cat slinking toward a wall mounted cat bridge
Banner showing Cat slinking toward a wall mounted cat bridge

In most cases, we've heard very positive feedback about cats adapting very quickly to using the furniture. But there are those that are a bit more cautious. If you are wondering how to get a cat to use a cat tree, you may want to ease them onto the cat furniture using these tips.


First and foremost, you’ll want to be sure that the shelf is installed in a place with easy access points. We suggest the vertical spacing between shelves to be about 12-18” and the horizontal spacing to be about 12-16”. This should be an easy jump for most cats, though you will want to keep your cat’s abilities in mind as you decide the proper height.


This is really the first thing we do when we mount a new piece on the wall. You want to give your cat positive reinforcements, so they will relate the area to good things. Any time we get treats out our cat Heisenberg jumps on a complex, because that's where we always feed him treats.


We’ve found that in most cases cats want to be social and around you. If you have the furniture in a room you never hang out in, that may have something to do with it, and you might want to consider moving the furniture to another room.


Stability is something we keep in mind with everything we make. If it doesn't feel stable, cats typically don't want to be on it. This is something to keep in mind mostly for our fabric complexes. We mount these with the fabric pulled tight, or else our cats act like it's hot lava and won’t walk on it.

If you notice that there is some bounce to the shelf, you’ll want to double-check the hardware. Our furniture is designed to have the brackets mounted on top of the planks, so the shelf presses against the wall when weight is introduced to it. Mounting the shelves with the brackets downward can create a “diving board” effect, which may cause your cat to shy away from using it. Another important factor is making sure the cat furniture is installed securely into a stud.


- Acclimating your cat to your wall-mounted cat jungle gym

~Do cats use cat walls?

Most cats love to be up high! This is an evolutionary trait they have adapted due to their place as both predator and prey. The vantage point allows them to scout out potential meals and helps them avoid the same fate for themselves. For more information on why cats can benefit from acclimating a new cat to your cat playground, check out these articles on 9 Cat Wall Benefits and Cat Enrichment.

~How far apart should cat wall steps be?

This is definitely a question our customers ask frequently! The spacing should ultimately be based upon your cats’ abilities, but we like to suggest the side spacing to be between 12”-16” and the height spacing to be between 12”-18”. For more installation tips, take a peek at our guide.

~How can I increase my cat's vertical space?

Wall-mounted cat shelves are one of the easiest ways to increase your cat’s vertical space and offer a lot of enrichment benefits as well. Our Cat Condos offer an easy way to build your cat playground, but you can also follow tips from our blog to design your own cat wall using individual cat wall shelves, hanging cat beds, scratching sisal poles, and more!


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