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Cat Hammocks (for Walls)

Our Cat Hammocks are functional fabric walkways that cats can also lounge and relax on. They are designed to create a flexible, yet sturdy surface for your cat to traverse across or rest on high on the wall. The thick heavy-weight canvas works really well to create an elevated walkway that your cat can sink their paws into and have enough traction to confidently run and play around. The fabric also stretches slightly to form to your cat's body and function as a comfortable cat bed.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is good fabric for an indoor Cat Hammock?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve tried out many different materials for our wall Hammocks. From there we let the cats decide what they like by observing them play and lounge on the furniture. We also listen to customer feedback, which we value very highly.

We found that the best material is heavy-weight cotton canvas. It has a natural feeling and texture that allows cats to sink their claws into the material. When you suspend the fabric pulled taut, it creates a walkable surface while still offering a comfortable level of support for cat naps.

Are Cat Hammocks suitable for kittens?

Kittens are energetic and fearless, so they benefit greatly from having an area designed for climbing and playing! Depending on the age of the cat, it may be a good idea to install the Cat Hammocks lower on the wall. Since kittens are young, and sometimes clumsy, they do tend to be more prone to falling.

How do you install a Hammock for window views?

A wall-mounted Cat Hammock is a stronger alternative to window Cat Hammocks that utilize a suction cup. With wall construction, windows are built with 2x4s running along the edge of the window, so that makes mounting on either side of a window a great option.

Are Cat Hammocks safe?

When we started selling Cat Hammocks in 2013, we were the first company we know of offering a wall-mounted Hammock. Over ten years later, with thousands of Cat Hammocks sold, we’ve never heard of a serious incident where a cat was injured. We have heard of cats falling off the furniture without injury, and that’s something to keep in mind when deciding on how high to install your furniture. 

With any cat furniture that is elevated off the ground, there will always be the chance of a cat getting hurt. We feel strongly that the benefits of providing this enrichment go way beyond the risks associated.

Letting a cat sleep all day feels safe in the moment, but it’s also under-stimulating and can lead to health issues over time. Any behaviorist or vet will tell you it’s important to keep cats active and fit. Wall mounted furniture is a very good way to encourage that.  

With that said, please know there are always risks involved with elevating your cat’s area from the floor. If you have a cat with special needs or one that’s elderly, we suggest only mounting high enough to where they would be able to hop down to the ground.

How do you clean a Cat Hammock?
  • Heavy-weight canvas – This cotton material is made to be quickly removable and can be either hand washed with cold water or placed in a washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle. To dry, we suggest hang-drying. A helpful method for this is to reattach the fabric on the wall planks and let it dry in place. Cotton can shrink if dried with heat, which is why we recommend air-drying your fabric.
  • Vinyl – Use a damp washcloth and a diluted soapy water or pet-safe cleaner to wipe down hammock sections without removing it from the wall. 

For more cleaning tips, read our blog on the subject!

Can I use a Plush Pad with my Hammock?

Yes, you can definitely use a Plush Pad with a Hammock! To attach a Plush Bed to an 18” Hammock, you can adhere the Plush Bed Velcro to the top of each Mounting Plank.

Do you sell individual fabric so I can swap my Hammock out as needed?

Yes, we do sell individual fabric sections. You can find the additional fabric here. Our fabric sections are available in each of our standard options: Natural, Charcoal, and Clear Vinyl. We also offer a Fabric of the Month that is updated to a new pattern or color regularly. Collect multiple colors for more design options, or hold onto some backups for when you need to clean your canvas!

Can I order fabric at a custom length?

Unfortunately, we are not able to cut custom fabric lengths. Our fabric arrives pre-cut and hemmed by a local supplier. If you are interested in a fabric length that we do not sell, you can purchase a longer section and cut it down to your desired length. We offer our Natural and Charcoal Grey fabric in a 154” roll which is perfect for a custom project! You can find individual fabric pieces here.

What size are the grommets?

The grommets are ⅜” or 10mm. If you are interested in adding grommets to your fabric to accommodate your stud spacing, we recommend this product from Amazon. This tool will come with grommets that are just like the ones we use in our fabric.

Is the vinyl safe for cats?

Yes, the vinyl we use for our Invisible Hammocks is totally cat safe! We consulted a trusted vet to ensure the material we selected is not toxic to animals.

This is the same type of vinyl that you see in other pet-safe settings, think of a typical doggy door. For more information about vinyl safety, click here to visit the FAQ on the topic. 

Benefits of Cat Hammocks

Are Cat Hammocks good for cats? Providing a Cat Hammock for your feline friend gives them an area of their own and a space to embrace their natural instincts to climb and play. Feline enrichment is incredibly important, and we work with behavioral experts to gain insight into the developing process. Our Cat Wall Hammock has been featured in numerous places, including on the hit show My Cat From Hell where behaviorist Jackson Galaxy demonstrates how to utilize the pet hammock to help correct behavioral issues with cats.

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  • Save space: An indoor Cat Hammock is a great option for those who live in smaller spaces, as they do not take up any floor space. They can be installed on any sturdy wall, which makes them a versatile and space-saving option.
  • Promote relaxation: When cats lay on the Cat Hammock bed, they’re elevated above perceived threats, and the fabric forms to their bodies, creating a comfortable space to relax. Providing them with this type of space of their own can help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Improve agility: Climbing and jumping onto the Hammock helps to improve your cat’s agility and balance, which can help to keep them physically healthy and active.
  • Reduce boredom: Cats can get easily bored, and a wall-mounted Hammock can provide them with a new and exciting space to explore and play in. This can help to prevent destructive behavior and keep your cat mentally stimulated.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Our pet Hammocks are modular, so they can be installed to perfectly fit your home. Choose between a wide range of colors and textures to best compliment your home decor, while adding a conversation-starting habitat for your feline companion.
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Cat Hammock Design and Functionality

We have a variety of pet Hammock layouts, from our standard single sections to larger and more intricate designs that create Wall-Mounted Cat Trees. The modular Cat Hammock bed has fabric made with mounting points every 8” to give you more flexibility on where they’re connected on the wall and to accommodate both 16 and 24-inch spaced studs, the two most common stud spacings found in homes. The Hammocks are held securely to the wall with Mounting Planks made from sustainably grown bamboo and hold 85 lbs per Plank and 65 lbs on each Hammock section. Each plank has a bracket that allows you to attach various cat furniture options of not only Cat Hammocks, but also attachments like Cat Feeders or Planters, Scratching Posts, or Cat Shelves.

How to Mount a Cat Hammock on the Wall

Install the Cat Hammock into cement, brick or drywall with studs spaced 16” or 24” apart on center. It’s always helpful to look over our Installation Section prior to installing your cat wall. Please follow the links below to let us walk you through the process of building your cat their new Cat Hammock wall.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

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We work with some really knowledgeable cat behavior experts

Our furniture is designed to encourage cats to live a healthy life by promoting exercise and replicating enrichment sources they would have access to in the wild
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The cats LOVE it. Directions easy to follow. Very sturdy for out fat cats.

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