10 of the Best Cat Dad Gifts for Any Budget

Gifts Suggested for Cat Dads

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Whether you're shopping for a devoted cat dad's birthday, Father's Day, or just because, this curated list has something special for every cat-loving father figure. From the guy who loves practical gadgets to the pet parent who gives in to every feline fancy, these gifts are bound to make any recipient (and companion) meow with delight–celebrate the love between cats and their devoted dads with these thoughtful and purrfect presents!

When to Consider Getting a Cat Dad a Cat Dad Gift

Cat-related gifts for cat dads are always a great choice, and with so many affordable choices, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get them for the next major occasion in their lives–like their birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas. No matter if you’re looking to surprise him with a small, personalized gift, or are imagining something much more luxurious, these gifts will make him feel extra special as he spends quality time with his beloved feline companion.

Super Affordable Gifts for a Cat Dad

Hoodie that has a pouch to carry a cat in from Etsy

1. Hoodie with a Cat Pouch | $39+

When it comes to gifts for the cat dad in your life, nothing is a "purrfect present" quite like cat-related apparel! If he’s a guy who likes to wear his heart on his sleeve, then this hoodie with a pet pouch for his feline friend won’t just keep him warm but warm his heart too!

If he’s more into showing his affection subtly, there are tons of more low-key options that will showcase his love for his furry companion without letting everyone else know. Whatever their style, cat-related apparel is bound to add a touch of fun and personality to their wardrobe.

Pizza and Pop Culture Cat Toy from Etsy

2. Handmade Cat Toys | $8+

Is your cat dad secretly (or not so secretly…) a swiftie? If so, these “Midnights”-inspired handmade cat toys by HenryNoodleShop on Etsy should be on your list!

If Taylor Swift isn’t their thing, MeowyJanes offers this amazing Pizza Cat Toy as well as other refillable cat toys on their Etsy shop. You’re bound to find something both your favorite human and their cat will enjoy!

Jackson Galaxy's Catification Book

3. Catification | $16+

Even if your cat dad is a seasoned pawrent, this Jackson Galaxy book is bound to teach him a thing or two! This quick read by the renowned cat behaviorist outlines how to design living spaces that cater to a feline's instincts, promoting both physical and mental well-being. With plenty of practical advice and creative ideas sprinkled in, "Catification" inspires and educates cat owners to transform their homes into habitats that foster strong feline bonds.

Best Cat Dad Gifts that Totally Won’t Break the Bank

Adorable customer photo of cat portraits done by West & Willow

4. Personalized Pet Portrait | $70+

Elevate your cat dad friend's love for their furry companion to new heights with a customized cat portrait! Personalized cat dad gifts are thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, that will also serve as a timeless keepsake he'll cherish for years to come!

Catastrophic Bronson Mugs and Cat Dad Tumblers On Etsy

5. Cat Inspired Drinkware | $23+

Give your cat dad friend a gift that's as unique as his bond with his feline companion—a customized tumbler! Not only will it serve as a reminder to drink more water, but he’ll love the thoughtfulness of including his favorite feline. Not a Tumbler person? Don’t worry! There are also plenty of fun mug options.

PawfectHouse Cat Door Mat

6. Customized Doormat | $30+

If you are looking for some funny cat dad gifts, Check out these Doormats from Pawfect House!

Afterall, home is where the heart is, so why not adorn it with the cat you love the most? Customized doormats are a great gift for homebodies who want to make sure people know they’re in their favorite place–at home with their cat (and those with allergies need not enter!).

For the Bougie: Luxury Cat Dad Gifts

Kittens on a Natural Bamboo The Deluxe Fort with a Leaf Shelf and Natural Canvas

7. Deluxe Cat Fort | $299+

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to leave an impression, you can’t go wrong with a customized cat tree! We may be biased since they’re our own, but these sleek & modern pieces blend the best of quality, value, and affordability. Plus, with dozens of varieties to choose from, you can pick something that is just purrrfect for them (and their felines).

Product Dimensions: “16 in version: Width: 41.5" (105 cm) Height: 62" (155) Depth: 11" (28 cm) Escape Hatch hole: 8" (20 cm) in diameter

Cat Backpack from Travel Cat

8. Cat Backpack | $99+

Does your cat dad wish he could take his best friend everywhere he goes? Well, this may be the perfect solution! These cat backpacks are designed with not just their comfort in mind, but the safety of their travel companion as well! With harness hookups, breathable mesh, and zippers that will foil even the cleverest escape artist, they’ll feel confident in keeping their companion close, and their furry friend will love looking at their surroundings through the plexiglass peephole.

9. CATLINK Self Cleaning Litterbox | $500+

As every cat dad knows, cleaning the litterbox stinks–literally. Give the gift of never scooping again with an automatic litterbox! While expensive, these boxes take care of the worst part of pa(w)renthood responsibilities, help reduce household odor in general, and prevent litter tracking overall. Not only will they never have to scoop poop again, but you’ll also save them hours of cleaning, basically making you the best gift-giver ever.

10. Super Mario Cat Condo | $295 $250.75

Now through Father's Day, save 15% on the Super Mario Cat Condo!

Not only is the Super Mario Cat Condo fun and engaging for cats, but it also adds a touch of whimsy to your dad's home decor. The fun design and unique shape make it a conversation piece that will delight guests and household members alike!

Not a fan of video games, but still like the idea of a wall-mounted cat cubby? Find base models to deluxe cat cubbies with feeders or planters here.

Trouble Picking Out Your Cat Dad Father's Day Gifts?

As you get ready to spoil your cat dad pal, remember: it's not just about the gift itself, but the love and appreciation that comes with it. If you can't decide between personalized portraits or luxury cat condos, a gift certificate will make your cat dad feel seen and cared for–no matter what your budget.

Cat Dad Gift FAQs

What is the meaning of cat dad?

Being a cat dad isn't just about having a furry friend; it's a role that comes with a whole lot of love and responsibility. Essentially, a cat dad is someone who cares for and cherishes their feline friend like they’re bon-a-fide family.

Is there a National Cat Dad Day?

While there's no official National Cat Dad Day (yet!), every day can celebrate the bond between cat dads and their beloved pets.

How do you know if you’re a good cat parent?

It's all about being attentive to your cat's needs, providing them with a safe and loving environment, and showering them with plenty of affection and playtime. As long as you're there for your kitty, and making sure they're happy, healthy, and content, you're on the right track to being a (p)awesome cat parent!

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