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Cat Scratchers, Scratching Posts, & Wall Cat Climbers

Our Scratching Post Collection is filled with an array of options for climbing, scratching, and playing. Cat Climbers provide a quick route up the wall. There are many benefits from incorporating sisal rope into your cat wall. A cat’s instinct to scratch is a normal behavior that serves several important purposes. Scratching is involved in claw health and care, communication to other cats, as a “this is home” marker, and is needed to stretch the muscles of the limbs, thorax, and back.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Poles be mounted along studs that aren’t 16” on center?

Our Vertical Scratching Poles and Floating Scratching Posts only require one wall stud for installation. This makes the Scratching Pole a perfect solution for walls with irregular stud spacing.

The Horizontal and Angled Poles will come with drywall anchors for one of the two included Mounting Planks. As long as one mounting point is secure in the wall stud, you can use the drywall anchors for the second one.

Can the furniture be mounted outside?

We do not recommend our products for outdoor use. Bamboo has a high starch and sugar content. Since our bamboo is composed of many layers of compressed reeds, the bamboo can mold over time in areas with high humidity or regular exposure to rain. We are currently in the process of testing sealant options that will protect the material. In the future, we hope to offer furniture that can withstand the elements for our customers who would like to expand their Catastrophic Layout to the outdoors. At this time, we ask that our furniture is used indoors only.

Can the sisal segments be replaced?

The main purpose of the Scratching Pole is to provide your cat with a safe outlet to scratch and claw to their heart’s content. This means that over time, the sisal rope on your Scratching Pole will become worn out. Luckily, the modular design of the furniture makes it very easy to swap your old segment for a brand-new one. You can find replacement sisal segments here

Can the Scratching Pole be mirrored so that it faces the left, instead of the right?

Yes, our furniture is modular! Any of our furniture pieces can be flipped horizontally, rearranged, or combined with any of our products.

Do the Sisal Extensions come with an additional double-threaded rod?

The Sisal Pole Extension is used to add another sisal segment above or below a Scratching Pole platform. If you’d like to see an example, The Expedition and The Crow’s Nest include this feature in their layouts. 

This item will come with an additional threaded rod. The Scratching Pole uses a sisal pole bolt to hold the platform in place, sandwiching the sisal segments. You will replace the sisal pole bolt with the new threaded rod, then twist the Sisal Pole Extension until it locks into place.

Can I add the Leaf Shelves later?

You can easily upgrade to a Leaf Shelf at any time. To swap the couplings for the Leaf Shelf, you will simply remove the sisal segments and replace the couplings with the Leaf Shelf.

Can the Leaf Shelves face any direction?

Leaf Shelves can be rotated to any angle around the Scratching Pole. The Shelf is flat on each side so that it lays flush against the wall when it is turned to the farthest angle.

We recommend choosing your angle, and then tightening the next sisal segment down to hold it in place. You should choose your angle before tightening the Pole down. If you would like to change the angle, loosen the sisal segments first.

How do I clean the furniture?

You can dust, brush, or vacuum away any accumulated surface dirt. Use a soft cloth or sponge with mild soapy water. Make sure you wring out excess water and wipe the wood gently. We recommend an organic or natural soap rather than a harsh detergent. This is because a harsh soap can damage or discolor the natural sheen of the bamboo. Since bamboo is a reed plant, it is important to make sure you do not oversaturate the bamboo while cleaning.

Quality and Engineering

Our Sisal Poles are made up of modular sections with sisal rope glued down the length. Cats use these for climbing and scratching. When they use them to scratch, it’s typically near the base of the Pole, where they can have something to stand on. Because they’re modular, if a section of the Sisal Pole is getting shredded, you can rotate Pole sections, replace sections, or switch them out with a section from an area that gets less use to keep your cat’s furniture looking new.

Cat on custom pole installation
  • Our Cat Wall Scratching Posts are made to be mounted between two solid, sustainable bamboo Shelves, which have been designed to be mounted to the left or right of any Mounting Plank. 
  • Once properly installed into a wall stud our Cat Wall Scratching Posts have been weight tested to hold 85 pounds (38 kg) and our Floating Scratching Posts have been tested to hold 70lbs per Post.
  • The Shelves are given a rounded edge to make them easier for cats to ascend from and have a fabric pad for your cat to sink their claws into to reach the top. 

The modular design allows you to attach HammocksShelves, or an array of other items like Feeders or Planters.

Behavior and Enrichment

Cats instinctively scratch rough objects for a number of reasons: to keep their claws healthy, to stretch, and mark their territory. In the wild they use bark, but indoor cats need a suitable replacement and Sisal Poles are an excellent alternative. They’re an essential part of feline enrichment. Learn more.

Cat on deluxe sisal pole
  • Giving your cat Sisal Scratching Poles to climb, scratch, and play with is a really nice way to promote exercise around your home. 
  • Without a suitable scratching surface, cats will find other surfaces as a replacement. This often ends up being furniture, like couches. 
  • Offering appropriate scratching surfaces for your cat is a much more humane option than declawing. In the past, declawing was quite common in the US but is becoming less so today. Declawing is the surgical amputation of all or part of a cat’s third phalanges (toe bones) and the attached claws. The surgery not only disables the cat from performing its natural behaviors it can also have very negative lasting effects.
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We work with some really knowledgeable cat behavior experts

Our furniture is designed to encourage cats to live a healthy life by promoting exercise and replicating enrichment sources they would have access to in the wild
Meet the experts

Installation Made Easy

Our cat furniture is designed to be installed with little or no prior experience.

We’ve created tons of helpful resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation Guide. Or learn about building an epic cat wall with our latest Design Tips.

Watch the video to see the tools you will need to install your Sisal Poles and Floating Sisal Posts.

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Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

tools icon

Installation Guide

A full walk-through of things to consider as you're installing your cat’s new habitat.

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Design Tips

Tips to get the best furniture layout for your space and build the perfect habitat for your cat.

We were so impressed with how well made the pole is and how it fits in with our decor/furniture overall (doesn't look like a cheap cat toy). And most importantly our cat loves it!

Urszula P.

Verified Buyer

Various cats on their scratching poles

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