Cat Tree Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Our 2023 Black Friday sale is over now, but take a peek at the deals we offered! We like to mix it up every year, so treat this as a reference of how we typically handle our sales event. 

This is our largest sale of the year and the event starts now! In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving weekend we will offer some discounts and bonuses on our popular items and closer to Black Friday, we plan to launch 2 brand new products! While we aren’t ready to give up exactly what those items are, a hint is that one is a Bridge that’s designed to fit corners… ok, it’s a corner Bridge.

From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday we will be offering daily specials, each with a collection of cat towers that are given deep discounts. ~ Please keep in mind that none of the items with a deep discount will be repeated on another sale day. ~ You’ll also get to enjoy Flash Sales and additional Cart Bonus Gifts which will be complimentary items given based on your cart total.

  • 8 Unique Sale Events
  • Cart Bonus Gifts
  • Daily Flash Sales (Limited Qty)

Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive Deals

  • Early Access to Bonus Sale Day
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Black Friday Cat Tree Sale Schedule

The entire month of November, we will have different specials and promotions running. Because our floor standing cat trees can be difficult to fulfill during the holiday rush, we’ve decided to offer an early bird discount leading up to our big sale.

We are doing a weekly drawing for all new email subscribers during the month of November. Winners will receive a complimentary Grotto Cat Tree! Current and new subscribers are also eligible to take advantage of an extra day of savings, along with an Exclusive Flash Sale the day before our Thanksgiving weekend promotions.

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November 3rd-6th

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November 7th-13th

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November 14th-21st

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Wed 22nd (Early Access)

Starts at 1 PM ET

At 6 PM ET:

  • Mystery Best Seller – 25% Off
  • Exclusive Flash Sale  The Juggernaut $200 Off
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Thanksgiving Nov - 23rd

Starts at 12 PM ET

At 6 PM ET:

  • Mystery Best Seller – 25% Off
  • Mystery Flash Sale!
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Black Friday Cat Tree Deals

Starts at Midnight ET

At 6 PM ET:

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Saturday - Nov 25th

Starts at Midnight ET

At 6 PM ET:

  • Mystery Cat Condo – 25% Off
  • Mystery Flash Sale!
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Sunday Nov 26th

Starts at Midnight ET

At 6 PM ET:

  • Mystery Cat Condo – 25% Off
  • Mystery Flash Sale!
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Cyber Monday Cat Tree Deals

Starts at Midnight ET

At 6 PM ET:

Pay-later Options Available

photo showcasing the various ways you can pay over time (Paypal Credit, Affirm, Katapult Pay)

Best Overall Cat Tree Deals

What makes the best cat tree deal? This is an odd part of this because we haven’t released our best deals yet. These are our favorite two Cat Tree deals because they both do a great job to promote cats to exercise and also include areas to scratch, play and lounge.

If you want to catch the very deepest deals during the sale, the Flash Sales are going to be the largest discounts in the sale.

kittens playing and relaxing on the Crossroads Cat Scratcher Condo
  • The Crossroads –  This is one of our favorites. It’s meant to be installed low enough for a cat to walk up the angled pole and scratch from the ground and also for cats to be able to jump from the middle section. Cats like this one because there’s only one way  up, but once you’re in the 2nd level the structure branches off into an abundance of fun activities and lounging spaces.
  • The Juggernaut – We  have to include this one because it’s our best seller and we’ve already given away that it’s our first Flash Sale. This Cat Tree has everything a cat would ever need, a space for scratching, play, exercise and lounging. It’s our largest Cat Condo and is more than suitable for a home with multiple cats. 

Best Cat Tree Deals for Multiple Cats

When judging which of our featured complexes are best for multi-cat households, we look for the following criteria: multiple routes (helps prevent anxiety from feeling trapped), multiple resting areas (to prevent squabbles over where to nap), and an engaging design (to keep your cats focused on playtime, not territory).

The Juggernaut Cat Condo – One of our most popular designs to date, the Juggernaut is the ultimate cat jungle gym! The multiple levels, entrances and exits allows your cats to play together or find their own nook to relax and watch the fun. With poles, hammocks, *plants and a roped cat bridge, you’ll have a blast watching your kitties conquer the Juggernaut!

The Gardens Cat Tree – Bring the outdoors safely into your home with the Gardens Cat Tree! With four *planter pots, you can make a little oasis up above the chaos of floor life. This layout features eight hammock lounging areas, so your cats will have their pick of comforting and relaxing spots to observe their favorite humans. Purrrfect for play or rest! 

The Climb Cat Condo – The Climb has been a staple in our company for years. This is a great piece for those that don’t quite have the space to install the Juggernaut or the Gardens, but still gives your furbabies multiple lounging surfaces. Our favorite spot is the wider hammock at the top of the structure, because it’s the perfect spot for a cat cuddle puddle! 

Best Black Friday Space-Saving Cat Trees

It can be hard to dedicate an entire wall to your cat, especially if you have limited space to begin with! That’s why we chose some wall-mounted structures whose footprint was taller, not wider. (Maximum span of 3 studs spaced 16” apart.) We also wanted to make sure they included scratchers and napping areas to promote positive behaviors and environmental enrichment

The Crow’s Nest – This is our absolute favorite cat tree for those that really don’t have the room to build a wide structure. The Crow’s Nest has a vertical sisal pole that encourages climbing and scratching in a healthy/nondestructive way. It also provides a lofty napping spot near the top of the structure so your cat can survey their territory from above. This item can be purchased with a 2, 3 or 4 Tier vertical sisal pole and a 3, 4 or 5 grommet hammock. 

The Deluxe Cat Fort – The Deluxe Fort only spans 3 studs (spaced 16” apart), so it has a very minimal footprint. But don’t let its small stature fool you! It is packed with lots of fun. Cats can utilize the multiple levels to jump to the top of the structure, or the more adventure loving kitty can take the shortcut and climb up the sisal pole! We love watching our cats paw at each other from multiple levels. 

Best Floor Cat Tower Deals

For these, we looked for items that – you guessed it- did not install into the wall! We also made sure these options had an engaging design so cats can rest, explore and play in comfort! Tried and tested to withstand cats at play – because who likes to play if the ground is shaking!

The Grotto Cat Tree – The Grotto is small yet versatile, with three cat lounging levels and sisal mats for scratching. A window in the bottom level lets your cat spy outside. Designed for playful kittens, it has cozy, anxiety-reducing spaces with limited entrances. A compact, modern cat tree for hunting, playing, scratching, and snoozing.

The Overlook Cat Tree – The deluxe floor-standing cat tree features a longer sisal mat for climbing and a shorter/wider mat for scratching. It offers multiple napping spots with varying privacy levels, including a plush pad. Windows and fabric gaps encourage cat play. With multiple entrances, it’s ideal for multi-cat households. Note: Use toys to play through gaps to avoid “murder mittens” scratches.

Best Cat Scratching Deals

Scratching is an important part of your cat’s life. They do this for play, scent marking, and more. When choosing the items here, we focused on the stability of the structure and the different ways cats like to scratch, whether vertically, horizontally, or a little bit in between.

Horizontal Cat Scratcher – A newer addition to our collection, this is fast becoming a favorite! Because this is made with sisal roping, it allows for a secure way for your cats to traverse the wall and is a perfect solution for the kitties that love to scratch on a flat surface vs a vertical one. Our cats like to sleep in the middle and paw at toys through the gaps in the poles and wall. This can be purchased as a single or a double pole and is available as a 2 or 3 tiered width. 

Angled Cat Scratcher – Another new kid on the block, the Angled Cat Scratcher doubles as a secure sisal ramp up the wall and as a scratching pole. Enjoy the show as kittens and agile felines sprint up the ramp! The more reserved cats may find navigating the angled pole easier than jumping up to a beloved elevated napping spot. This item can be purchased as a single or double pole with an optional hammock attachment.

Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Explained

two variations of the wall mounted cat bridge lounge with cats laying on the bridge and stretched canvas hammock

8 Unique Cat Tree Sales

For most of the month of November we’re running holiday promotions. Our largest deals take place between Thanksgiving at 2 PM ET – Cyber Monday. Each of these days will have unique collections of cat furniture with a variety of discounts.

If you would like an extra day of sales, we have early access to all email subscribers, which will be sent out a day early.

Cat splayed across a floating cat sisal step mid play session

Cart Bonus Gifts

Once items are in your cart, we have tiers where, depending on the amount of the order, bonus gifts will automatically be added to your cart. It’s a great opportunity for additional savings! At $199 we add a Wall-Mounted Cat Feeder; this will automatically match the Bamboo Finish of the items in your cart. At $299 we also add a Floating Scratching Post! *While supplies lastDaily Flash Sales.

figure leaning against a box with a question mark stamped with text "Huge Savings on Limited Qty"

Daily Flash Sales

These are limited quantity sales with an extra large discount. Each Flash Sale will be announced daily the 22nd – 27th, around 6PM ET. We’re going to be sending out a mailer and also posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Email Subscribers have an extra Flash Sale a day early, which is the Juggernaut Cat Condo at $200 Off. We’re keeping the rest a secret until the day that they launch.

photo stamped with early access showcasing a cat  climbing down an angled cat scratcher ramp

Early Access & Extra Day of Sales

Be the first to see the Black Friday deals by gaining early access. All newsletter subscribers will receive an email on Wednesday the 22nd with instructions to shop a completely unique sale a day early.

photo stamped with Flash Sale for the Juggernaut Cat Condo

Exclusive Flash Sale - Receive Alerts

It’s not easy to catch our Flash Sales. They’re our most popular items in the shop at a steep discount, but we limit the quantity to 10. Subscribers will receive a subscriber exclusive bonus Flash sale on Nov 22nd.These will run the 22nd – 27th and be released daily around 6pm EST. Once they go live we’re sending an email out to alert everybody of the sale. These sell out very quickly, so if you’re interested in participating, we highly suggest doing these two things:Turn on your email notifications.set an alarm a few minutes prior to 6pm, to be ready once you receive the alert.

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