The Grotto - A Cat Tree for Small Spaces

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  • Designed to promote activity and natural behaviors
  • Three resting spaces, each with its own level of privacy
  • Everything is fully removable and washable
  • Quick, easy assembly in minutes!
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Technical Details


  • 18 lbs


  • English Chestnut
  • Natural

Included Components

  • Bamboo Panels x2
  • Metal Poles x6
  • Grotto Fabric x1

Fabric Care Instructions

  • Use a cold, gentle machine cycle or hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.


  • Width: 21" (53.34 cm)
  • Height: 22" (56 cm)
  • Depth: 15.5" (39.37 cm)

Materials Used

  • Bamboo
  • Steel Hardware
  • Adhesive Sisal Pads
Cats playing on cat tree

The Grotto - A Cat Tree for Small Spaces

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Free US Shipping over $59!
Regular price $189.00

About: The Grotto - A Cat Tree for Small Spaces

The Grotto has been designed to accommodate both small and large cats with very different personalities and privacy preferences. This Cat Tree offers as many types of spaces as possible in such a compact design, each with its own level of seclusion. 

Although this is a smaller design, the Grotto is packed with plenty of elements to provide your cats with a place to sleep, scratch, hunt, and play. 

To promote exercise and play, we’ve spaced the hammocks out to create a gap on either side, which can be used to play with your cat using toys or entice cats to paw at each other from the different levels. 

The bamboo panels have cut-out triangles that expand your cat’s view and work really well for playtime. They give cats a chance to practice their hunting skills with their favorite cat wand by hiding behind the panels and then popping out for a surprise attack through the window.

Lower level – This level is the easiest to access and works great for kittens because the extra-large 12in (30cm) x 20in (50cm) hammock is suspended just above the ground. It’s made up of canvas hammocks stretched around the metal poles to create a private cubby. It also has a cutout triangle to expand your cat’s view or to hunt and play through. This is great for small cats or for cats that are more on the timid side. It’s the preferred space for my largest cat, Bronson.

Middle level – This level can be accessed with a small 12in (30cm) jump. On this level, although it’s similar to the bottom level as an enclosed cubby, your cat can paw between the gaps above and below them. So there’s a little less privacy, but for a feisty cat or kitten, it can be a very enticing space to play.

Top level – The top of the structure is made up of an extra-large 12in (30cm) x 20in (50cm) heavyweight canvas hammock, with ledges that cats can lean against, but are low enough to allow them to observe their surroundings from any direction. It sits at a low 21in (53cm), which allows almost any cat to jump up and down from all sides.

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