Mike Wilson - Founder

Although Mike never made it all the way through high school, he's amassed a substantial number of community college credits. Through these classes, he began strategically pivoting from subject to subject, which amounted to over 60 credits but never actually secured a degree.

Mike finds joy in various pursuits, including design, engineering, cats, bike riding, woodworking, and photography. Drawing on his experiences from playing video games and in past roles as a busser, moving other people's furniture, and delivering packages for FedEx, he now designs and builds furniture for your cats. The furniture is designed with a high level of focus on promoting cats to stay active and mentally stimulated. His unique testing team consists of his roommates, both of whom are feline companions. They play a crucial role in helping him refine ideas, providing insights into what works well and what needs further attention. He then takes pictures of the cats on the furniture, and we put those on the internet.


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