Victoria Blais - Feline Behavior and Training Specialist

Victoria, cat behavior consultant and owner of Clever Cats Livonia, helps cat guardians resolve

challenging feline problem behaviors. With a Bachelor of Science in medical technology, she uses her

understanding of diseases and feline well-being to help cats live happy and healthy lives through owner

education, environmental enrichment, humane behavior modification, and scientifically sound training

techniques. One of her passions is sharing how to train cats to accept cooperative care such as

effortless nail trims and easy vet visits.

Volunteering at a local shelter, she uses positive reinforcement games and enrichment activities to help

cats become more social. This results in more confident cats that will come to the front of the cage to

greet visitors, increasing adoption rates. Inspiring others to have a closer bond with their cats, Victoria

shares educational information and demonstrates training techniques via several social media

platforms. At home in Livonia, Michigan, Victoria and her husband Mike enjoy time with their European

Burmese cats, who are often the performers in video demonstrations.


Victoria’s Certificates

Elite Fear Free Certified Professional

Dr. Sophia Yin’s Low Stress Handling of Cats and Dogs

Bachelor of Science – Medical Technology


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