The Temple Cat Tree (Cat Condo For Walls)

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  • Wall-mounted to free up your floor space
  • Fabric is pre-cut, hemmed, removable and washable
  • Hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look
  • Weight tested: 85 lbs per shelf
  • Designed to mount along 6 studs, spaced 16″ on-center
  • Easy to navigate mounting instructions
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Technical Details

30 lbs


Width: 90" (229 cm)
Height: 62" (157 cm)
Depth: 11" (28 cm)
Escape Hatch hole: 8" (20 cm) in diameter

Included Components
  • 34” Bridge Top x 1
  • 18” Escape Hatch Top x 1
  • Planter Top x 1
  • Black Planter Pot x 1
  • Mounting Plank Tops x 12
  • Mounting Plank Bottoms x 16
  • Pre-cut sections of grommeted fabric x 8
  • (A) 3 Grommets x 4
  • (C) 5 Grommets x 4
  • English Chestnut
  • Natural
  • Onyx
Materials Used
  • Bamboo
  • Heavyweight Cotton Canvas
  • Steel Hardware
  • Paracord
Stud Spacing
  • 16”
  • Six Studs
Fabric Care

Use a cold, gentle machine cycle or hand wash in cold water. Hang to dry.

Cat on The Temple Cat Condo

The Temple Cat Tree (Cat Condo For Walls)

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Regular price $479.00

About: The Temple Cat Tree (Cat Condo For Walls)

The Temple Cat Tree has multiple levels to explore and includes plenty of Hammocks for lounging. The open design of this Condo prevents your kitties from competing for the same space. This helps to reduce stress in anxious cats and curb unwanted behavior such as fighting and territory marking. One of the notable features of this Condo is the Bridge– a popular spot for relaxing or quickly zipping across the layout. Whether you have chill cats who are looking to hang out on a Hammock or high-energy cats who want to climb the steps of the Temple, this Condo will meet the needs of any kitty. This Condo is great for multi-cat households. If you’re installing the cat tree into stud spacing different than 16”, please contact us before you place your order. We can provide instructions on how to modify each wall cat tree for 24” spacing, as well as how to work with alternate/irregular stud spacings.

Please note that we have completely transitioned from twine railings to chew-resistant paracord, as kittens found great joy in chewing through the twine. While some of our pictures still show twine rope, the 2nd photo in our gallery features the new paracord.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alice de La Penha
BEST Wall decor EVER

Our cats absolutely love this! They use all the time, either playing or just chilling, I would definitely buy another or complementary pieces to ad on. Great investment to keep them busy.

Hey Alice,
Thanks so much for the review! I love that your kitties are getting the most out of their new Condo! Your cat is so cute, thanks for sharing your photo! If there is anything we can help you with as you are designing your add ons, please feel free to reach out!

Nastasia Snape

The customer service was great I didn't look at the measurements of studs before order which is on my part but they told me a new way to hang the furniture up using backer boards. My cats were afraid at first but I stated feeding them on it and but their old cat beside it so they were more inclined to test it out and now they love it. I have 4 babies, only 1 doesnt like the bridge portion of it so she just jumps across but other than that she loves it. Putting it up was simple and straightforward after a couple times. i will be ordering more to put up for them

Evan N.
Easy to Install, Cats Enjoying It

We are a 4-cat home and have an uncountable number of amusements around the house for our cats. Or, maybe they are amusements for us? "Cat walls" are our latest project.

Hands down, this pre-planned and integrated system was easier to plan for and install than my creative effort to link up individually purchased steps and shelves from Etsy. I definitely recommend a CatastropicCreations system. With a helper, it took me 3+ hours to unpack the box, understand the directions, be sure I had it laid out correctly to (mostly) hit the studs, and mount it to the wall.

If you want to add custom parts elsewhere, use this catwall as your centerpiece and then add steps from the edges out to the other individual pieces. Out of view to the left of my picture: steps to get to the next wall, which has perches at two windows and a comfy bed in the middle of the wall -- and none of those individual pieces were as easy to install as this system from CatastrophicCreations, for sure.

This system is rigidly designed for 16" studs, although the company has for solutions for studs at different widths. Be advised that studs are not always exactly where they "should" be, sometimes requiring some creativity. If you need to put a few screws into the drywall use heavy duty wall anchors.

I ordered on a Sunday and received the item on Friday (for my area of the country). I had a small parts issue with my shipment, I don't know if they omitted two small pieces or if they somehow went AWOL when we unpacked, but CatastropicCreations was polite and responsive by email and shipped replacements. Good service!

My only criticism: the instructions are only by a drawing could have been a little better with an additional bit of text. However, once you figure it out for the first few pieces, it's all the same after that. Here's my short version:

- each support bar gets three screws:
- two SHORT screws through the top holes, drilled in at a slight downward angle, and
- one LONG screw that goes from the bottom at an upward slant
- Suggestion for how to proceed: put in one top (short) screw, level the support bar, then put in the other two.
- installing support bars left to right: the distance should be exactly 16" if your studs are right. Just measure and drill. Even if your stud alignment is not perfect, because the distance between the grommets on the canvas is 16", you must do 16" left-to-right.
- up and down - NOT 16" because of the way the canvas is screwed under the wooden bars, taking up slack. To go "up," mount the fabric on the bottom bar; temporarily mount it on the new upper level bar; and hold the upper bar against your stud line to find the placement. Should be about 13-3/4" above the other support bar. Then it's purrfect!

Olivier Bright
Test review

Test review

Derek Jackson
Easy setup

"Easy setup and my cats love it. Thanks!"


The Temple Cat Tree (Cat Condo For Walls)

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