18″ Escape Hatch

$61.00 $51.00

  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • Wall-mounted to free up your floor space
  • Hidden brackets give the furniture a floating look
  • Weight tested: 85 lbs per shelf
  • Designed to be mounted onto 2 studs spaced 16” apart
  • Easy to navigate mounting instructions

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The Escape Hatch is a fun and physically enriching item for cats! Not only can they jump through when navigating their furniture, but they can also have an outlet for their stalking instincts. Although, some cats prefer to lay across the hole and let their bellies hang loose. This item is best used when included in a complex or as an access point to and from other items.

Already have Cat Mod (pine) items?
Our grommeted fabric is compatible between Cat Mod and Gen 3 (bamboo) furniture! Just extend your current Cat Mod setup using grommeted fabric and you can install any Gen 3 item from there. However, the wooden components are not compatible across our Cat Mod and Gen 3 collections.


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