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Plant Cat Tree (Wood Cat Tower)

Prototype Cat Tree
Prototype Cat Tree

This was the first time we had incorporated live plants with our cat furniture. It was also our first real attempt at coming up with a cat tree design that could be mass produced. There were three different levels, and it was made so that a customer could start with a smaller version and then build on to it over time.

We really liked the open design. There aren't a lot of solid wood cat trees on the market, so we were really excited about launching this piece. It came with a round fabric lounge at the top as well as a feeding area.

cats on wooden cat tree

The major issue with this tree was stability. Although it used steel braces, it did a weird twisting thing. So while we didn't believe it unsafe, we wanted it to be more solid than what's currently on the market, rather than launching a less stable design.

We're still planning to do a collection of cat trees, but we have a couple of projects coming up before that.

Plant Cat Tree prototype

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