Frequently Asked Questions


Free shipping on orders over $45 in the contiguous US via FedEx or USPS!

Indirect Signature on orders over $500 – We require FedEx to get an indirect signature (paper signed) on delivery for all orders over $500. This may affect delivery date of your package, so please let us know if you want the signature request turned off.

No Signature on orders under $500 – If you would like a signature added to a smaller order, please send us a message either before or within one day of ordering.

PO Boxes – Unfortunately, we are unable to ship large packages to PO boxes. Please provide us with a valid street address for delivery.

International Orders Only – There are no guarantees of a delivery date for international orders, as they all have to pass customs. Some countries will require local taxes/duties before they will deliver. These will be the customer’s responsibility.



Solid items like Solid Shelves and Escape Hatches work with one bracket mounted into a stud and the other installed into drywall with light duty drywall anchors, which are included.

Hammock items should be installed with all brackets into studs. For 24″ stud spacing we suggest using any of the items listed below, or anything in the the Cat Mod collection.

Although the complexes in this collection are designed to fit 16” stud spacing, they have grommets spaced out every 8” so that they can be used for both 16″ and 24” stud spacing. This is a modular wall system, so you can build something with any of these packages to best suit your space.

All of our pieces would work with 24″ studs, but please let us know in the order comments, so that we can make any adjustments we need to.

Prices listed on our site are for 16″ studs. We do have an extra fee for making some of our products at a different stud spacing than 16″.

You can also refer to our Mounting Guides page for more details.


Furniture Information

We have done a lot of weight testing on our items to make sure they work for the majority of cats. As long as the furniture is installed according to the instructions, your cats should be just fine using our furniture.

All of our wooden pieces are incredibly sturdy and have each been weight tested at 85 lbs. Fabric sections fluctuate in what they can handle depending on the length of the sections. 16″ hammocks have been tested to hold 85 lbs. Longer fabric sections like the 32″ Hammock have been tested at 65 lbs.

Our pieces do need to have at least one of the brackets mounted into a stud. If you don’t have studs available or they do not line up right, yo \u can refer to the corresponding wall-type mounting guide on our Mounting Guides Page.

Weight Test – Megan + Cat


General Info

Unfortunately, we do not have any Chain Chomp cat beds at this time and will not be making more. This was a product we only made one of. We have talked about doing a similar product in the future.

If you would like to be notified when we release new items in the future, you could join our mailing list. Here is the link if you are interested in signing up for the newsletter.

If you’re interested in making a Chain Chomp of your own, here is the website we purchased the large foam ball from.

The ball on its own is $134 + shipping, but this is the main base of the item. Mike explained the whole process here.