Frequently Asked Questions

All of our wooden pieces are incredibly sturdy, and have each been weight tested at 85 lbs. Our fabric sections fluctuate in what they can handle, depending on the length of the sections. Our 16″ sections have been tested to hold 85 lbs. Longer sections like the 32″ spans, have been tested at 65 lbs.

We use corner braces for brackets that are attached from the top, so that when weight is applied, it pushes the shelf tight against the wall. This creates a very sturdy hold. Our pieces do need to have at least one of the brackets mounted into a stud. If you don’t have studs available or they do not line up right, then you can mount up using 1/8″ x 2″ Toggle Bolts into drywall.

Weight Test – Megan + Cat

We ship to almost anywhere. If you don’t see your country during the checkout process, or if you have any trouble, please send us an email and we’ll add your country to our list.
We have a 30 day return policy, as long as the item is in new & unused condition. The buyer will still be responsible for original shipping cost and the cost to ship the piece back, unless we are at fault.

We require a 10% restocking fee on all returned items. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on items that have been mounted or used, for cleanliness reasons. We also cannot accept returns on bridges and custom items.

If you decide to change something about your order after you place it, we also charge a 10% restocking fee on any items that have been already built for your order. We make all our items by hand and to order, and we typically stain and start building your order right away. If you want a color you don’t see listed, please mention it in the order comments, or contact us before ordering. Letting us know that you want to change your order or have something built custom right away will help avoid extra fees.

If your items show up broken/damaged, please save the box and all packing material and send us an email. We will need photos to file a claim with the shipping company for any broken items and may request a return of the broken item.

Almost all of our shelves work with one bracket mounted into a stud and the other into drywall, with light duty drywall anchors, which are included.

As far as cat hammocks and complexes, we’ve recently released a collection called The Cat Mod that works with studs spaced out at 16″ or 24″. If you’re interested in putting up a hammock complex, that’s the collection we would recommend using.

All of our pieces would work with 24″ (or any other width) studs, but please let us know in the order comments, so that we can make any adjustments we need to.

Prices listed on our site are for 16″ studs. We do have an extra fee for making some of our products at a different stud spacing than 16″.

The only furniture we offer with removable, washable fabric is our new Cat Mod collection.

As far as the other collections, we’ve been giving people this link, which is the method we’ve been using and it works really well to keep them clean.

We do also have waterproof canvas fabric that is available on our hammock complexes that aren’t part of The Cat Mod collection. This fabric is not removable from the wooden shelving, but you can easily wipe it clean.

If you don’t have studs available, there are other possibilities, like toggle bolts, which can be found inexpensively at your local hardware store.
All of our pieces come with screws, light duty drywall anchors and brackets attached. (Except for our cat bridge; because it typically sits at a doorway, we don’t know where the studs are, so we include brackets but do not attach them.)
You will need a stud finder, a pencil, a level, and a drill with a 7/64″ bit and a Phillips head screwdriver bit to mount the pieces. For pieces that use drywall anchors, you will also need a hammer and a 3/16″ drill bit.
The brackets we use are designed to be installed on the tops of our pieces. This way, when weight is applied to the pieces, they’re pushed toward the wall, whereas if we put them on the bottoms, the weight would pull them away from the wall.
US shipping for the lower 48 states is through FedEx Ground. We require signatures on orders over $200. You can request for the signature requirement to be removed.

Hawaii and Alaska rates are slightly higher and are sent via USPS. Please send us a message and we will send you a quote. If you place your order with a HI or AK address, we will message you with the additional shipping charges, if they apply.

We accept International orders. The shipping fees cover shipment from the us and custom fees. Some countries do have duty fees/taxes after a package passes customs and this will be the buyer’s responsibility.

Please note that we are unable to ship packages to P.O boxes.

Here’s a link to our chart which shows our current wait times.

Feel free to also checkout all the items that have these quicker shipping times in our new shop category.