New collection of Cat Trees

photo collage of cats exploring cat tree

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We have just finished the last steps of prototyping our new collection of cat trees. We’re very excited about this collection. They will be produced so that people can customize them and build them up like Legos. We are going to offer small, medium, and large designs, with prices ranging from $200-$500.

A couple things that will set this collection apart from what’s on the market are that they’re made from solid wood and steel, and that we’re using real, cat-friendly plants in the design.

Please note that since this is a prototype, the steel hasn’t yet been powder coated.

These will come with planters for cat friendly plants, a bed with removable/ washable fabric, and a feeding station on the top level.

FedEx small business grant

We want to thank everybody that gave us your vote for the FedEx Small Business Grant contest! We really can’t thank you enough. We were blown away to find out that we were selected to be in the top ten small businesses, which means we will be receiving a grant to help launch our new cat trees!! We’re so grateful to be included in the list, and want to congratulate the nine other awesome small businesses who won grants. Thanks again to all of our fans and also to FedEx for such a great opportunity. ‪#‎FedExGrant‬

21 Comments on “New collection of Cat Trees”

    1. I’m glad that you like the design. We are actually creating it with a steel frame that assembles separately on each level. So you will be able to keep on building up as high as you’d like. Of course, we’ll need to do some testing first and make sure that it is stable at taller heights, but that’s the plan! 🙂

  1. Voted! I love it! I wish you were able to sell in Europe without the astronomic taxes that make your reasonably priced stuff so expensive here!

    1. I know, the taxes can be so crazy expensive! We are working on lowering our international shipping prices within the month though, which should help 🙂

  2. Did you win the Grant?! I wish I saw this sooner!!! I’ve been looking for a cat tree/wall maze ! Every time I walk into Petco I contemplate getting something, but the quality doesn’t match the price.

    1. We haven’t found out if we won the grant, we will hear more next week. I hope so! If we don’t get the grant, we will still be building this cat tree. It will likely just take a bit longer than we had hoped and be finished up around the end of summer.

  3. Do you know yet how tall the tallest tree will be? Our 7ft one is literally falling apart. I hope you got the grant!!! GOOD LUCK.

    1. There’s going to be 3 different sizes. I think the tallest will be around 5 feet tall. But we will be able to make them as tall as you would like. It would just be adding levels to the structure. Thanks! Our fingers are crossed about the grant. We will find out July 11th!

  4. I just discovered your site today. I wish I had seen it before the grant deadline. You would have definitely had my vote. Good luck! I hope you win it.

    1. Hey Ann,

      Thanks for your support! We did win one of the 10 grants, so we are busy plugging away at finishing up our line of cat trees 😀

  5. I love the design! Just one thing I noticed. The feeding station is lower than the animal, which could have a negative impact. You might want to think of raising it up to enable easier feeding, especially for older cats.

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