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Cat Shelves

Cats playing on cat shelves

Cat shelves are a creative option for expanding your cat’s habitat up your wall. They’re perfect for promoting exercise by offering a sturdy route up and down your wall.

Our Escape Hatch shelves work really well for limiting who can access your cat’s climbing wall. Create a safe, dog-free space for your cat to relax and confidently observe their environment.

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Introducing our 3rd Generation of Cat Shelves!

This new collection of wall hammocks and shelves has been meticulously engineered to be the strongest, most versatile collection we’ve ever created. This collection has also a thinner, sleek design, along with many functional upgrades.

Quality & Engineering

All of the cat furniture concepts receive rigorous testing from our cats at home. We usually test numerous variations over a period of 3-6 months prior to going into production.

escape hatch cat shelf
  • Our cat shelves are made from solid, sustainable bamboo and are weight-tested to hold 85lbs (38kg) per shelf.
  • The tops of the cat shelves are given a rough texture to provide better traction for cats.
  • The modular design allows you to attach hammocks or an array of other items like feeders, planters, or sisal poles to the shelves.
  • Our patented hidden bracket design gives the appearance of a floating cat shelf.

Behavior and Enrichment

We work with animal behaviorists to help us understand what kinds of cat furniture to build and why. Giving your cat its own unique space on the wall promotes exercise and also thought-provoking enrichment.  Learn more.

  • In 2018, a study by Pet Obesity Prevention showed that 59.5% of the cats in the US were overweight.
  • Without enrichment, cats can develop behavioral issues like aggression, anxiety, attention-seeking, urinating or defecating outside of the litter box, eating disorders, or other disorders like over-grooming or scratching.
Cat on cat hammock

Installation made easy

Our cat furniture is designed to be installed with little or no prior experience.

We’ve created tons of helpful resources to help make installing your cat climbing wall a breeze. Let us walk you through the entire process with our Installation guide. Or learn about building an epic cat wall with our latest design tips.

Watch the video to see which tools you will need to install your wall mounted cat shelves.

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