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Non-Profit Cat Shelter & Cat Café Donation Policy

Non-Profit Cat Shelter & Cat Café Donation Policy
Non-Profit Cat Shelter & Cat Café Donation Policy

Any of the furniture we make which has imperfections, like dings or scratches, gets donated to cat shelters. All we ask is that the shelter covers shipping costs to send the furniture.

If you operate a shelter and would rather have furniture custom made for the space, we offer a 10% discount on all furniture to any non-profit shelter with a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. We don't use carpet on any of our pieces, so they're pretty easy to clean. Although our fabric is washable, we've found shelving works best for rooms that hold many cats because they can easily be wiped clean.

If you are interested in either receiving furniture with imperfections or in outfitting a room with made-to-order furniture, please contact us here. We love to here a little about the organization and what type of furniture you're most interested with incorporating.

*Please keep in mind that we have a decent-sized list of organizations waiting to receive our furniture with imperfections, so it could be a little while. We go down our list, contacting shelters when we have enough furniture to fill a box. Thanks!

Where you can find us

We are in the currently building this page out to include shelters and cat cafes we're in around the world. This is a work in progress and will soon have photos and individual pages made for each organizations. For now, we just have a link to their site.


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue - Redmond, WA

Milo's Sanctuary - Burbank, CA

Tree house Humane society - Chicago, IL

Great Lakes Bengal Rescue - Louisville, KY

Humane society of Huron Valley - Ann Arbor, MI

Cascades Humane Society - Jackson, MI


Cat Cafes and Hotels

The Catz Den - Wayland, MI

Le Loft Des Chats - France

Kattencafe kopjes - Amsterdam

Nyantasista - Japan

barista cats cafe - Auckland, New Zealand

Meow Parlour - New York, NY

Ditjes en katjes - Netherlands

Ah B Cafe - Singapore (furniture coming soon)

Treetop Kitty Café - Landenberg, PA


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