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My cats really love their wall structure. I love how stable and eye pleasing it is. The company was very helpful when I was putting it up. I would make this purchase again.

Hi Deb,
We are thrilled to hear that your cat is enjoying their new condo! It's great to know that our customer service team was able to assist you during installation. We truly appreciate your support and we would be more than happy to have you as a customer again in the future.

-Alex M

2/2 cats recommend the juggernaut

Great quality and relatively easy to install.

Hi Erin,
We are so happy to hear that both cats like their new Juggernaut! We appreciate you taking the time to write a review!

-Alex M


The install wasn’t bad at all. I had to customize my install slightly because of the chosen location in our home and still, it resulted in an amazing experience for our two cats. To be completely honest, I was in the zone while constructing the Juggernaut and wanted to continue adding more. Thankfully, my lovely wife was there to reel me back in. Had it not been for my wife’s ability to bring me back down to earth, I might have very well turned our entire home into a cat playground. Once you’ve built your cat tree, much like being a kid again, you almost want to play on it yourself! Our cats absolutely love chasing each other through each obstacle or just relaxing on the bridge. What a great addiction…oops…what a great addition. I look forward to adding more features in the near future. (Likely when my wife is preoccupied with other projects) 😉

Hi Nicholas,Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we are so happy that the furniture has been a fun addition to your space and that the overall experience was a positive one! Your cats are really cute and we love how comfortable they are on their new Juggernaut. We look forward to seeing any new additions you have in the future, we have a feeling your cat playground would be pretty impressive! -Alex M

Wall-Mounted Cat Shelf
Charles Phinizy
Ziggy loves being up high!

Everything got here unscathed. We ordered seven shelves of various sizes, a corner bridge and three steps. We have a tall ceiling with windows above and below across the front of the house. We installed the shelves across the lower part of the upper windows with the corner bridge at the end. The other end has the three steps to get up to the shelves.Ziggy, our Abyssinian cat loves it. He is only five months old but zooms right up there. Early morning is the best for him as the owner blinds are closed so he goes right up to look out.These items are very well made, I love bamboo. It looks great on the wall and of course it is important that the cat likes it. We recently order a four tier cat scratching post for the far side so Ziggy and go up both ways once we install it.It satisfying buying items that turn out to be worth it.

Hi Charles,Thank you so much for sharing these photos and for your review! Your installation looks great and we love the walkway that you created for Ziggy! -Alex M

best picture ever

I bought several things from you for my daughter and her three cats for Christmas. I love everything the quality is amazing but this one item does nothing but make me laugh. Take a close look at the picture I thought it first the cat tail was part of the shelf. No its just our Sif loving life. LOL. honestly, this is the absolute best furniture for cats I have ever seen Will last a lifetime!

Hi Denise,Thank you for sharing this amazing photo! We love how much Sif embodies the elegance of a baby dragon, and we are happy to hear that this has been a fun addition to their space!-Alex M

Cats and People both love it

Such a great product. Love it, easy to install, Super sturdy and looks great. The cats like it so much it makes me want to get more. At first I was a little hesitant because of the cost but it’s worth every penny. I love that you can reconfigure and make what you need.

Hi Hope,Thank you so much for your review, the installation looks great and we love the photo of your cats sleeping on the Hammock! It's so cute! Thank you for sharing this with us. -Alex M

3 Maine Coon Lady

I got this to finish off my cat walls, this was the last piece of three walls I have done. I love the way it looks and installation was easy, although I am a bit of a pro after all the walls I’ve done, anyway the cats went up it right away but are hesitant to go down. So far only one of the three will go down, but they like going up. I think in time they will all get the hang of it. Customer service was awesome as always with a couple questions I had.

Hi Janet,Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We are happy to hear that your experience with us was positive and that you like the new addition to your cat walls. If there is anything that we can help with in the future, please let us know!-Alex M

The Juggernaut

I ordered the juggernaut course for my two cats and I am really delighted with it. It is qualitative and magnificent on our wall. Our big cat loves it, the little one is a little more shy but it will come ;) The customer service is top, I really recommend it.Thanks again

Hi there!Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing a photo of your installation and your very cute cat! We are happy to hear that it's been a great addition to your space and that you were able to have a positive experience all around! Please let us know if we can help with anything else in the future!-Alex M

Great product

My kitty loves this bridge! We combined it with a free standing cat tree which ended up being a great combination.

Hi Vincent,Thank you for your review and for sharing the cute photo! We are happy to hear that the Lift has been a fun addition with the cat tree! -Alex M

We love it

Well made and nice to look at. Easy to hang and put together. Now we need to convince our cats to use it :)

Hi Tresa,Than you for sharing your feedback and photo with us! We are happy to hear that the Scratching Pole has been a nice addition to your space. Some cats may need a little bit of time to acclimate to the furniture, but we have seen success with the use of toys, treats, catnip, or anything that can be a positive reinforcement. This can help them to relate the area to good things. Please let us know if we can help with anything!-Alex M

Outstanding Shelves

The cats love it, they look great, and installation was easy enough I could do it!

Hi Zack,Thank you for your feedback! We are happy to hear that the shelves have been a positive addition to your space! - Alex M

Cat loves it

The cat lounge I adopted my newest cat from had a huge wall climbing setup from Catastrophic Creations and he loved it, so I decided to get him his own smaller one. No surprise, but he loves this one too, and spends a lot of time playing and napping on it. I opted for this one because it seems beginner/senior friendly, as I also have an older cat and may get another cat or kitten down the road. It’s super ideal as my bedroom is too small for a traditional cat tree, and I may expand on it further in the future. My only criticism is that the photo of it in the instruction manual and on this website are inverted and it could only be set up the opposite way (at least that’s what my builder said, I didn’t set it up myself), which could be a problem/confusing for some people, but that actually worked out well for me as it made the placement of the ramp more ideal.

Hi Leanne,Thank you for taking the time to not only submit a review but to share a photo! Your cat looks so cute on the Crossroads. We are excited to hear that you saw our items in the cat lounge you adopted your cat from and that he is now able to enjoy his own set up with the other cats! Our furniture is modular and can be installed to mirror the images on our listings and instructions. We appreciate the feedback and will be looking into ways to make sure that we can make that better known to our customers. Thank you for your input, please let us know if we can help with anything in the future! - Alex M

Great Product, Instructions are Confusing

I want to start off by saying I purchased multiple items to create a custom built wall. I bought this along with canvas, floating shelves etc. The box was a little beat up when it got here but the products inside were fine and look great. The biggest issue I had (the reason for 4, not 5 stars) was that the instructions were confusing. When I ordered multiple items, it came with multiple bags but none of the parts are labelled so I was partially guessing which bags went with which and used the pictures to denote what # corresponded to what number. I think if the bag labels could include the part numbers it would go along way to clarifying the confusion I had. Also a small thing that would be nice (though this didn't impact my review). Some companies (like with decking boards) are moving away from standard screws to hex screws, the reason for this is they are much harder to strip. When we were installing the mounts we did run into a few studs that were hard and came close to stripping the screws. I know that hex screws are more expensive to produce / stock, so I'm not taking any points off for that. But I think in the future I'll consider buying hex screws instead of using the baseline item provided.Overall:Would Recommend To Friends: YesCat Loves it: YesWould Buy Again: Yes4/5

Easy to put together, sturdy, and looks nice

Order arrived in short order! All the hardware was present, nothing was broken, it looks great, and it only took me 2-3 hours to put up by myself. We bought it for our more energetic cat who likes to jump up by our TV and cause mischief. Both cats already seem to love it! It's only been up for an hour! Even the big bully cat likes it (he is about 17 lbs). Can't wait to add more stuff to the wall!

Hi Meredith,Thank you so much for your review and for sharing a photo of your cats on their new furniture! We are happy to hear that it's a hit and that it's been a nice addition to your home! Alex M

Great traction

I ordered a second package to give my cats more traction. Dusty would not walk across the bridge until I cut strips for each board. I feel more secure now that he won’t fall. Now he doesn’t hesitate to step across.

Hi Deb,We love your installation and are happy to hear that the Cork Pads were a nice addition to the Bridge. We always want for your cats to feel safe and confident walking across the Bridge, what a great idea!Alex M

Great high quality product all around

I was skeptical about spending this much for a piece of cat furniture, but after getting it installed, I can say the price premium is absolutely worth it.Easy to build. Easy to mount. Sturdy enough to hold up to our large-ish, high energy cat who runs and launches himself onto it. The included tools are FAR better than anything else I have ever ordered that came with tools included. The screwdriver bit is even magnetic. Excellent stuff. Packaging was also very thoughtful--everything was packaged with obvious care. There was even free cat nip in the package. Will definitely order more pieces in the future.

Hi Sarah,Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us! We are happy to hear that the quality of our furniture and the customer experience was able to meet or exceed expectations. We hope that your cat has fun with their new Scratching Pole and we look forward to seeing what you add in the future! Alex M

Happy cats

This was our Christmas present to our cats this year and they love it. We have a bridge and hammock on the same wall and they have so many cozy spots to sleep and watch over us. The scratching poles are their favorite. Wonderful design.

Hi Stephanie,We love the arrangement that you have made with the different pieces! It looks like such a fun place for them to play and we are happy to hear that they are enjoying it for naps as well! Alex M

Cats approved

My 6 month old kitten loves this and is always lounging on the bridge. It's great combined with shelving which completes our little obstacle course for the cats. Looks great in our living room, our guests give us tons of compliments. Cats approved. ____

Our cats love it!

We modified it some to fit the space. Our cats love it!

But now she has no trouble!!!

My larger cat who weighs about 15 pounds was a little hesitant at first, it was as if she wasn't sure it would hold her weight. But now she runs across it like a champ. There was, admittedly, some treat bribing involved to get her to cross it for the first time. But now she has no trouble!!!

Great piece

Great piece, very well made and sturdy. Cats like to hang out on it or use it as a scratcher. Our cats love it!

This was a great purchase!!

This was a great purchase!! For two people who are inexperienced at hanging things we managed to finish the project in one afternoon and Cassie immediately fell asleep on it. Our cats don't get along so our hope is that by giving them more territory they'll feel more comfortable and this type of climbing space is a great help!

Overall nice design

Finally tackled this project, was more then I bargained for, I found not one stud. Seems to be sturdy so for and she loves it. Hoping to add to it. Would have liked to have it finished a bit better. Had to sand some rough areas. Overall nice design.

We are loving it!

We are loving it! My cats are 15lbs each and they can comfortably navigate through it. We assembled it a little different from the photo online (Climb Track) but that's the beauty of the Cat Mod! So far, we are have happy about our purchase and would recommend it to all our friends!

I'm happily surprised

"I'm happily surprised to see my new kittens already taking so well to the catmod after less than a day in the new home! Acclimating has been no hassle at all - they willingly climb, play and sleep in the catmod. Overall very nice product, super customer service and truly the prettiest cat furniture out there. My only (very minor) complaints are that the planter I bought had rough edges on the inside (not sanded) and the feeder had minor dents/chipped wood in two places. As I said, minor flaws. What you see in the photo is the Catmod Play + extra plank + 3 grommets extra fabric + sisal + feeder & planeter and finally wool fur from ikea. The ability to customize and design the set-up myself is a big plus in my book! :)
Thank you catastrophicreations."