Plant Cat Tree (Wood Cat Tower)

photos of cat tree

This was the first time we had incorporated live plants with our cat furniture. It was also our first real attempt at coming up with a cat tree design that … Read More

Cat Rubik’s Cube (Cat Cube Bed)

photo collage cat interacting with large rubix cube cat bed

This Rubik’s Cube cat bed was a hybrid of the classic Rubik’s Cube puzzle and high-end furniture. It was made from exotic wood veneers like Mahogany and Mappa Burl. For … Read More

Deluxe Double Decker

photo collage of kitten on wall mounted cat furniture

This is another piece we made very early on, when we were still building out of our apartment. It was the first piece of cat furniture we made that had … Read More

Sisal Cat Tree

photo collage of cats on winding scratching cat post

This was our first attempt at a cat tree. We really wanted something that cats could crawl through like tree branches made of sisal.We still have one of these at … Read More

Vintage TV Cat Bed – A Retro Cat Bed

photo collage of cats sitting in vintage tv cat bed

This was a really fun piece to make. We used solid pine and finished plywood on the outer shell of the television. We decided to leave most of the wood … Read More

Cat Proof Cat Coaster

photo collage of glass cups in wooden frames

This idea comes in at #1 for the worst idea we’ve ever come up with. At the time the idea seemed genius. We would make a coaster that covers the … Read More

Pterodactyl nest cat bed

photo collage of dinosaur nest inspired cat bed

This is one of the early beds we made, before we had a commercial space. We built this cat bed to make it look like the area your cat would … Read More

Keyboard Bed (Illuminated Cat Bed)

photo collage of cat sitting on wall mounted keyboard cat bed

Our cats love everything about keyboards, including the heat. We decided to build a keyboard cat bed that plugged into the wall so that it would be as close to … Read More

Paper bag with an “X” carefully drawn on it

cat next to paper bag

First, we’d like to say that this was a joke, but that we did offer it in our shop for $3. This was probably six months after we opened our … Read More