Wooden Cat drinking fountain

This is a drinking fountain made up of almost entirely wood. Other than the wood, there’s seven screws and a water pump. Even the drain is drilled out of the base. I attempted to go for the look of a real drinking fountain, but with the colors peeling off and wood showing from underneath… like it was a phony or … Read More

The cat trap

I like the way this piece looks from some angles. From others, it’s an eye sore on the wall. Also, to be able to do these full spirals, it comes very far away from the wall, taking up a lot of space. I never listed this piece because it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The Broken cat shelf

This was our very first broken cat shelf! From the original listing: “You really don’t see enough broken cat shelves being sold these days. This is a set of two shelves. One is 17″ long and the other is 22.5″ long. These shelves are cut to look like they broke in two. The longer shelf has brackets mounted at 45 degree … Read More

Tetris cabinets/ cat stepping stones

These were Tetris cabinets made from pine. These were horrible to build, and we ran into problems with the doors not opening all the way because of them being mounted right next to each other.

sisal tornado… cat tree

I was really excited about this one. It’s scrap wood circles held together with bolts and wood glue and covered in sisal, and black vinyl rope. We decided to do a weight test before finishing the sisal and it snapped in half. So this is a photo of the piece almost done.

cat steps made from scrap wood

This is a set of steps, made from scrap wood. It’s the only one we’re making. It’s a mix of oak, cedar, pine and hemlock. The steps took an embarrassing amount of time to build, which is the main reason we only did one. A very nice lady ended up buying the piece and it broke in the shipping process. … Read More

The “whoever you hate” cat toy

This was one of our first cat toys. But for the time it took to make, we ended up making like $3 an hour. It was a cat toy that had a clear face, so that you could take a picture of someone you hate and slide it under a plastic cover. Whoever you picked needed to have done something … Read More