catastrophic creations on daily mail

Daily mail was a huge mile stone for us. Thank you so much!

The cat trap

cat in a catastrophic creation

We really liked the way this piece looked from some angles. From others, it was an eyesore on the wall. Also, to be able to do these full spirals, it … Read More

The Broken cat shelf

cat playing on a wall mounted cat furniture

This was a set of two shelves with each cut to look like it was one big shelf that broke in half. We loved idea of having this product in the … Read More

Tetris Cat Steps

cat playing on catastrophic creation

We launched these Tetris Cabinet Cat Steps when we were still making furniture in our apartment. We were quite new to woodworking and didn’t know that it’s a bad idea … Read More

sisal tornado… cat tree

tornado shaped scratching post

A couple months into making our escape hatches we were trying to figure out something to do with the scrap circles of wood we cut out. Our idea was to … Read More

Dude I want that

cat drinking fountain on dude

Dude I want that has been another site that’s showed us a lot of love. They’ve included 3 of our items on their awesome site. I built a wooden drinking … Read More

Wood Scrap Cat Steps

cat sitting on artisanal shelf

This was a set of steps, made from scrap wood. It was made from a mix of oak, cedar, pine, and hemlock. This was after we moved into our townhouse … Read More

The “whoever you hate” cat toy

cat attacking doll

This was one of our first cat toys. We made it right after we started the Etsy shop and were still making the stuff from our apartment. We bought blank … Read More

This is why i’m broke

photo collage of cat furniture

I followed this site before we opened our shop. I was very excited after getting one of our pieces featured, and blown away after seeing that they continued to add … Read More

The Guardian

the guardian home page

This is the only post that wasn’t an actual write up on the shop, but one on the show we did at CatConLA.  Just because The Guardian mentioned us, I … Read More